Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost a week of blog silence again.

Sorry. Murphy is okay; we just returned from a very hot, sweaty walk to the lake. I did not let him drag me AROUND the lake, because at 7 p.m. on the first day of fall, it was still around 87 degrees and oh, GOD, the humidity!

Let's see, what did I do in the last week, besides swelter while walking the dog? I moved my yarn stash out of the guest room, into my bedroom, where it resides in a tower of plastic tubs, staring at me every day. If I think I want to buy yarn, I go look at that tower. Yeah, kills the mood quick.

The problem is - and this is the second or third time this has happened to me - my yarn stash no longer suits my needs. Oh, some of it does, but there's at least a tub of stuff that I bought for something, I'm sure, but I have no idea what it was now - obviously, the mood passed.

I did find yarns that I am going to put to good use right away. I am on a Kid Blanket Binge. Not baby stuff yet - because I don't know the decor of the nursery, or gender of the grandchild. But Kid Blankets, in primary colors, are good for either gender. Blankets to Be Grown Into. Right now I'm working on a red Cotton-ease blanket in a nice waffle-y broken rib pattern (Barbara Walker Vol. 1), and also found some navy blue Softball cotton - two cones of it - that would be fun and classy as a pinwheel afghan. Both will be big enough to grow into, and nice, clean primary colors are appropriate for either gender. Though something tells me this baby is a boy. Don't know why, and I'm not particularly psychic, but I just have a feeling it's a boy. A girl would be equally awesome - I do NOT have a preference - but for now I'll hedge my bets and work down the stash, with nice solid primary color afghans in toddler/kid sizes, because eventually there will be a kid, boy or girl, who can use them.


Linda said...

The Tower of Yarn Stash is such a buzz kill, don't I know it! I've also moved mine to a more visable location. humph! I've also De-Stashed those "what was I going to do with this? yarns on Ravelry. At least you know it's going to some one who needs it.

Anonymous said...

Yarn - I filled some tubs & now every time I go to the knitting store I think about how much I have. The temptation is there but I'm trying to resist and just knit the stuff I have!

Anonymous said...

You could start on EZ's baby surprise jacket, in primary colors. Babies like "bright".

Glad you and Murphy are still tearing around that lake. Is he on a quest for finding the foods he's lost from his diet?