Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cleaning Day.

I woke up in the mood to purge, and didn't see my horoscope until hours later:

If you can't find anything, it might be time for some heavy-duty closet cleaning. Holding onto things that just don't fit or that you haven't worn in years just means there's less space in your closet for a fresh start. So go ahead and do a big purge -- donate or sell anything that's just adding unnecessary clutter to your life. Who knows? This might end up creating more room in other areas of your life as well.

Tomorrow - old electronics to the dump! (Which IS open, I checked.)


mary in cincinnari said...

Catherine, Grandma-to-be, I am making a pair of the cutest baby knee socks from (the original) Homespun Handknit. You gotta check them out they are like hip booties for these new hip Moms. they are garter stitch and I'm using hand paint Koigu. I read your blog faithfully but usually don't comment....glad to know Murphy is feeling better. Mary in cincinnati

Pat said...

Catherine sorry about the bad links. I'm sending new ones but you have to link from there.
On Brooklyn Tweed click on the original patterns and it's the tweed baby blanket.
On knitspot click on the pattern shop and it's Honey Baby