Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Laboring

Just read Crazy Aunt Purl, and am so jealous that she's moving to someplace fabulous - wow, find a place, sign the lease, pack, move! That's how you can do it if you don't have a house to sell in one of the hardest-hit awful housing markets in the country.

I am spending this Labor Day Weekend laboring on the garage carpet project. It's not really that bad - or I am just crazy. It's slow, hot, smelly, labor-intensive work, but with a good audiobook on the iPod, it's oddly soothing to do something useful, with visible progress. Unlike everything I do at the paying job...sigh.

But Crazy Aunt Purl/Laurie also pointed me toward a book I must buy: Knitting for Baby. Simple, classic baby stuff - yes! I fell hard for that sweet little cardigan and booties on her blog. I cannot wait to start knitting for Grandchild, but I'm holding off until we know gender. This will be a Spring Baby in NC, and therefore will not need an extensive layette of woolly things. There will be a fabulously soft blanket, and a couple of pair of cute booties, and then a nice 12 month sized sweater to follow in time for fall - roll the sleeves in September, it'll fit all winter. With a matching hat, of course. :-)

Boy and the Future DIL are moving into their new apartment this weekend. It looks wonderful. Crazy Aunt Purl is moving too. Me, I'm here scraping the nasty carpet off the garage floor, and have weeks of work and at least a couple more thousand dollars of expense before I can even put this place, which is worth about what I owe on it, on the market, and then hope St. Joseph works his magic before I lose my job. Sigh.

But Murphy would like to let you know that he is doing great, and has resumed his job as Official Spokesdog for The Committee for an Early Dinner. (Committee member Boris makes a cameo.)


Pat said...

If you are looking for baby things to knit. Here are 2 links for beautiful lightweight baby blankets. You have to buy the patterns but they are so knitable. I bought both!

Catherine said...

The link didn't work!

Ginnie said...

I was also enamored of the baby sweater and have had to hunt for a baby to make it for. But, I think I have found someone to give it to!

Anonymous said...

Love that video of Murphy! Good luck with your carpet removal sounds like a miserable job. Glad you are able to think about knitting you deserve some relaxation!!!

Anonymous said...

Feed that baby! He's so cute.

And while I don't have that particular knitting book, those authors write great patterns, so they will all be winners. And check out anything by Zoe Mellor, especially the 50 baby bootees to knit.

working on baby quilts, since I cant knit much anymore. Danged arthritis.

nurseknitsalot said...

Look at him answering cute is that. Good luck with the garage...I hope you have a good audiobook to entertain you?!!