Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Murphy's feeling a little poorly.

Not awful, but poorly. Last night he did something he never does - he woke me in the night, and all he wanted was a belly rub. His belly is noisy, and this morning his, er, Output was volcanic. I can judge his weight with a hand at this point, and he's lost a few ounces.

And, here's the infuriating thing - the only change in the regime was in the source of his chicken bits sprinkled on his Royal Canin special diet. The supermarket had boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale, and I thought wow, great chance to stock up. I boiled it as usual, changed nothing about the cooking process. He's had those chicken breasts on top of his dry food for three days, and by day two, Bad Things started, and by today, obvious. Yeah. I guess those are fit for me to eat, but not for the Delicate Dog. Tomorrow, I buy another expensive bag of those Perdue Perfect Portions. He was thriving on those, and I can tie his deterioration to switching chicken sources. Fortunately, we are talking 7.5 lb. dog here, so pricey chicken breasts do go a long way. But I never expected this, just by changing sources of boneless, skinless chicken. Who the hell knows what they put in those things we buy in the supermarket?

I gave him a small extra dose of Prednisone (he's already on a very, very low maintenance dose) tonight, and a teeny smidge of a Pepsid. He perked up and seemed happier. He's sleeping and seems very comfortable, so I guess the fury in his tummy has eased. But, DAMN. Tomorrow I will call Vet Boy and ask if I'm on the right track with my Mom Doctoring.

This is not a commercial for Perdue; I don't know them but for their commercials. But, seriously, I'm now re-thinking supermarket chicken.


Anonymous said...

wow. that is scary. But I am with you- I almost cant eat a store bought chicken any more once we started eating free range expensive stuff. It really is different.

Catherine said...

Well, Perdue is Corporate Chicken too, but Murphy went from stable to not stable, and the only variable was the chicken source. We'll see if shifting back changes the tummy rumbling.

dragon knitter said...

it could be something as "insignificant" as a different processing plant.

Anonymous said...

My cat is my barometer - I got some chicken breast & he would not eat it (this is his favorite), it was on sale and a store brand. Never again there is just no point, I'm sure it is the processing but since I don't know I just stick with the good stuff. Weird though.

k said...

I can eat Hershey's chocolate, but I can't eat Nestle's chocolate. Difference in the processing. (I just get a rash.)

You are an excellent mother.