Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Boys Are Back Together

And they have to PLAY!

Last night it was Play Rope Till You Drop. They ran, they wrestled, they had a ball.

Today was different.

They have moved from bed, to couch, back to bed. Occasionally they go outside, but it's too hot out there even for Dudley, so they come back in and resume their scheduled activities.

I share their opinion and their energy level. I swear, it's just too hot to do anything - I've done laundry. Whoo. I'll force myself to do a little more tidying up, just to feel like I didn't totally waste the day. But I'm feeling Startitis coming on...I have been very project monogamous lately, working on that kid-sized red afghan that won't be needed for at least a year. I have an urge for something colorful. Need to visit the stash and think on this a bit.


nurseknitsalot said...

They are so cute together!! How fun for Murphy to have a little playmate! If you want them to get out of the heat send them up to Minnesota...35 here today!!

Anonymous said...

So. Very. Cute. Both in the hysteria and the aftermath. :-)

It's not Minnesota-cool here in Oakland but it's about 60 (or feels it). Come visit!