Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dudley Went Home

His parents missed him too much. He'll be back next weekend, because they are moving and it'll go a lot more easily with him parked safely out of the way.

We had great excitement this afternoon! The cats wanted dinner, so I opened the door and shooed the dogs out into the backyard - and just happened to glance out there as I was closing the door, to see a very large black snake shoot onto the patio (I think Murphy must have roused it from a corner near the fence). It was trapped - the dogs got on either side of it and danced and barked and carried on, while the snake dodged and feinted left and right, trying to find a way past them. And I ran out there in my bare feet and shrieked "NO! LEAVE IT! LEAVE IT! NO!" - I managed to get my hands on Murphy and shoo him into the house. Yeah, I'd left the door open - genius move on my part, because the snake could have chosen that as its escape route. Dudley was still dancing around in front of the snake, but he's a good boy and he listened to LEAVE IT and backed off, and the snake was able to haul ass under the hibiscus bushes. I'm thinking it will not visit this yard again.

I am not exaggerating a bit when I say this snake was at least 4 feet long and damn near as big in diameter as a garden hose. He was 4 ft. while wriggling in a panic - stretched out, probably over 5 ft. It was the largest snake I've seen around these parts in years - probably a black racer, but really huge for its kind. And while it was just a black snake and not venomous, it was still big enough to inflict a hell of a bite. Fortunately, we all survived the encounter unscathed.

So, this was a pretty good weekend - Things were Done, Dogs Played, Lots of Sleep Happened. Unfortunately, Lottery was not Won, so tomorrow, Work. Bleh.


Anonymous said...

And the Diabolical Duo had a wonderful time, until you spoiled their fun with that snake.

But you are right - Blackie is probably swearing snakie oaths not to take THAT short-cut ever again!

That Yorkie attitude to killing vermin can be down right scary! And no used trying to explain to him that he is, technically at least, a small dog.

Gae, in Callala Bay

besshaile said...

Nothing like doggie sleepovers to liven up things.