Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dudley's coming...

Hide your shoes! You better better hide the coasters! Hide the shoes!

And if you just had a random Three Dog Night flashback, you are Old Like Me. I'm also maligning Dudley for artistic license, because he is no threat to shoes in his maturity. Coasters...ahem. Yeah, those cork coasters from Target are apparently irresistible.

Girlchild texted to say that she is dropping Granddog tomorrow - they have plans involving concerts at the House of Blues (and I hope, a cab) and there is that whole MOVING thing looming next weekend. So I'm getting a guest. Dudley saw a lady walking Yorkies and went nuts - missing HIS Yorkie. Then he took his rubber chicken toy and put it in his bed, and dragged it around the room, the way he gives Murphy rides. The cuteness, it almost kills, doesn't it? And Murphy saw neighbor Boston up the street and greeted her like a long lost relative. Yeah, the boys miss each other.

Murphy is doing great - and I told him Dudley was coming, so he ran to the door to wait. He got bored with it, came back to bitch at me that I was a liar, and is now sleeping.

It's brutally hot here still, so this weekend there will be dogs playing in the hose - Murphy has not played in the hose since his surgery, so much merriment shall ensue. I shall attempt to juggle camera and hose and capture it for you. Maybe even some knitting stuff, maybe. I still do knit. Murphy is in dire need of a sweater before Christmas, and I should be able to whip that out before the ultrasound/baby gender results come in next month.


Linda said...

Yea those cork coasters are irresistible. My dog will steal them right out from under your glass!

KatyaR said...

Lucky you--sounds like you'll have a fun weekend!