Sunday, October 18, 2009

A lovely, clear, refreshing day.

Yesterday was just All Good. The cooler weather arrived overnight, and yesterday was just drop-dead beautiful - mid 70s, sunny, low humidity. After about 5 months of sheer hell every day, it was long overdue and much appreciated. I did practical things to speed my exit from this house, and fun things, like long walks with dogs, and things I didn't need to do, like, um, Buy Yarn.

Yes, I did. I didn't need to do it, and I blame one Ms. Clara Parkes, who kept tweeting from Rhinebeck. You know how it is, if you are a fiber person and you are missing a fiber festival. I needed just a quick, small fix to take the edge off. Just a little. I can quit anytime I want, I swear!

I was very restrained about my fix. I went to my LYS and fondled the Malabrigo, but walked out with just two skeins of Cascade 220, in a nice, clear Christmas-y red. (I probably only needed one for the project at hand, but the leftovers can be a red hat for grandchild's first Christmas next year.)

But this yarn is not for the future grandchild, but for the Bossy Dog. Murphy NEEDS new sweaters for his upcoming adventures. We have plans for trips to cold places, and his only sweater is the one I made him when he was a year old - a now very bedraggled but still beloved thing, of course, but, yes, when I say bedraggled, I am not exaggerating. "Looks like a rag and should be dropped in the trash" is more like it.

And of course, the greatest knitting book of the year is now out: The Knitter's Book of Wool. And I thought I'd pre-ordered it on Amazon when it was first available, and waited all week for it to arrive. Checked yesterday. Um, yeah, it was in the cart, but not paid for yet. Duh. It's actually on its way now. Which is so exciting, because the previews of patterns I've seen so far are all things I Really Will Make.

Like Jane's Falling Waters Shawl. And I want to make it in the yarn Jane is using for her own - so when you get back from Rhinebeck, tell me what that IS! Those colors are wonderful, and it will be stunning.

It's quite chilly outside this morning, only 49 degrees, which for us is quite chilly. The dogs went out to pee and came in quickly, and have decided to go back to bed until it warms up a bit. I am SO thrilled that cooler weather has finally arrived - I feel so energized and positive, it's ridiculous.

Later today, Dudley goes home to his new house - I will drop him and a small bookcase and an antique lamp from my parents' house, and take the tour of the new place.

Speaking of bookcases, the new bookcases are just right on the empty wall in the bedroom. I probably should have taken pictures with just a few artfully-placed plants and whatnots, like a magazine photo shoot, but this is how they really look, with clutter and sleeping cat:

And now I'll finish my coffee and decide which project to tackle first - the change in the weather has given me a burst of energy that has been sorely lacking for months! Hooray for the end of hellish Florida summer!


Bess said...

wow. those shelves look super against that vivid blue. What a color combo.

and I won't tell anybody about the yarn purchase, I promise. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Jane's new shawl (how pretty) looks like String Theory color cedar and it's yummy. Dont know what weight though.

You've got lovely weather in FL (how well I remember the heat break in TX and LA; it's like life can start again). But it turned wintry up in the Mid-Atalantic. Mid PA got wet snow on leafy trees=electric lines down. We got loads of cold chilly rain and now damp wind. Lurvely.


Catherine said...

It's chillier here than predicted - they'd called for a low in the 50s, and this morning when I walked the dogs it was in the 40s and WINDY! I need to get cracking on Murphy's sweaters.

Enjay said...

Jane is using String Theory's merino DK, according to her ravelry page.
I second the beautiful blue paint, but may I ask what your houseplants are? They look really pretty and have such interesting shapes.

Enjay said...

I embiggened the picture and I think I can identify them, an ivy, an arrow head philodendron and a pothos, yes? :D I think I need new glasses, in the littl picture they looked all ferny LOL

Catherine said...

Variegated pothos nearest the window, ivy in the white pot, and I have no clue about the name of the one in the middle, so your guess is as good as mine.