Friday, October 02, 2009

My First Crush!

It was the 60s, and I was, I think, 6 years old. Maybe 7. Anyway, Man From Uncle was one of those shows I could watch with my parents. Some years later, when I was maybe 11 or 12, I saw him live at a theater - I think it was in Sleuth. My girl crush was still fully activated.

And now, when I see him as Ducky as NCIS, I still get that old familiar girl crush - until I remember reading that he's in his 70s and thinking, "Oh, wow, too old for my taste," and then reading that his wife is slightly younger than I am. Sigh.

Funniest NCIS moment: "What was Ducky like when he was young?" "Ilya Kuryakin."


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. My crush too. I adored him. I even studied Russian...

k said...

No! He's mine! Mine! Mine!
I'd never thought about the direct line from Illya to studying Russian. Wow.

KatyaR said...

He's the only reason I started watching NCIS--I admit it's grown on me since then, but he's still the star as far as I'm concerned.

I tell everyone that he was my "first Scottish boyfriend." There's been many since then, but no one can top Ilya.

And yes, when I realized he was now in his 70s, I nearly had a heart attack!

Catherine said...

Oh God, me too - I'm not sure which was worse, realizing that he's in his 70s, or reading that his wife is in her 40s! ;-) My cousin got me started watching NCIS - Mark Harmon is also a crush but not a little girl crush of 40+ years.