Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tired, Stressed and Irritable

So, it's a normal Wednesday. It's really hot, the job is really annoying, and the only surprise there is that it's in the mid-90s in October. Yes, it's usually still pretty warm here, but this hot and humid is just twisted and wrong.

Murphy is well, other than a really insatiable sense of entitlement that must be addressed immediately. His month or so of being Poor Sick Baby has now convinced him that his wish should be my command. Time to get back to normal - you're fine, dog, and you are also a DOG and I don't answer to you.

He has been bitching at me to go for a walk, and I'm busy and it's hot (obscenely so for October), and he has a perfectly safe, functional and freshly mowed backyard ready to receive him. He has been barking at me indignantly, and I've been putting him in the backyard, where he barks even more indignantly at the door, because Obviously I'm STUPID and do not UNDERSTAND, and his response is to repeat his demand over and over, louder and louder, with a tone of exasperation. And yes, dogs can sound exasperated. He is in his crate now (he went there voluntarily, the door is open, I didn't jail him) after being threatened with the business end of the Home Decorator's Collection catalog and ordered to STFU.

I'm hoping Girl will decide to drop Dudley for a visit this weekend and leave him here for moving week, because Murphy obviously needs a refresher course in Being a Dog. Starting with Backyards Are Fun! You can even poop there! It's cool!

I did find a couple of folding bookcases in the Home Decorator's Collection catalog that I think I must buy for my bedroom. Because no matter how I weed out the books, they keep coming back, like cat hair on every surface of the house.

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