Friday, October 16, 2009

Update from Lymphangiectasia World.

Murphy's doing okay, but is far from symptom-free. Runny poop is still more common than not, and tonight his belly is tight (fluids build up in the abdomen - this comes and goes). Yes, he really is sick, and it really is something serious that requires constant management. But when you see him in action, it's difficult to see him as a sick dog. No wonder the diagnosis took so long.

This is my poor, sick little baby in action, playing with his BFF Dudley. Check the eyes and bared fangs. Click for full effect of Crayzee.

I tried to get a video, but they noticed I was recording them.

Now they are playing rope. Occasionally they ask me to throw it, but they mostly make their own game and don't need me. I am here to provide walks and boil chicken.


Anonymous said...

Notice the comfortable location for a bout of fang wrestling? At one stage we had a German Shepherd/Kelpie cross bitch, young adult, and an Italian Greyhound puppy. Fang wrestling took on an unusual aspect - sometimes Brutus would almost disappear into Cinnamon's "savage" maw.

Your other job is worrying about Murphy's health - he is just too busy LIVING. I think he has the right idea.

Gae, in Callala Bay

besshaile said...

Hey! Whachoo lookin' at?