Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot, Hot, So Hot and Humid Still.

Neighborhood Watchdog.

Melted Yorkiepup.

It's still obnoxiously hot here, but we are promised cooler weather this weekend. Lows in the high 50s even! I am SO excited!!! It's so miserable here this week. Before 5 a.m., when I opened the back door to let Murphy out, the hot, wet air was almost sickening. It's the middle of October for God's sake! Give us a break! So we are promised a break this weekend, and I'm devoutly hoping that it is the real start of fall, and we will have cool nights and low humidity from here on - because I want to take long walks, sleep well, and get the damn garage DONE.

Girl and BF signed the lease on their new house yesterday, and the packing has begun in earnest. They decided not to hire movers (too expensive), so BF has recruited help. Girl cannot do any heavy lifting with her back issues, so the guys have to do that part. At least the new house is a single story, so there are no stairs to navigate at that end. Girl picks up the keys on Thursday, and she and her friend will start moving small stuff - followed by drinking beer on the new patio. The guys will rent the truck for the weekend, when the weather is supposed to be PERFECT for moving.

Dudley will be dropped off with me Wednesday evening, and will board with Grandma for the weekend. Long walks will be had by all - I will get twice my walking in, because I walk them one at a time, and if the weather is cool Murphy will want to walk for miles. He needs to get in shape for long walking, because we have traveling plans for the holidays.

Oh, it's crazy how much I'm looking forward to good sleeping weather and good walking weather! My favorite time of year is finally starting!

Interesting horoscope this morning, too:

Intriguing new ideas are introduced into your usual way of thinking, and these developments point the way to plenty of renewal. This comes as no surprise to you -- your excellent instincts could tell that something big was coming down the pike. You may be surprised that you feel some hesitancy, but it's understandable. After all, saying yes to one thing means saying no to another -- or does it? Take a step back from the fast pace to reflect on your choices.

I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds exciting. I hope there is something other than a big cold front coming down the pike. I could use some renewal.


KatyaR said...

I call Murphy's pose "the poultry position" because it always reminds me of what a whole chicken looks like when you lay it out on the counter.

I hope you have cooler days ahead and a great weekend with the boys!

geogrrl said...

You could be up here in Calgary, where we have 6 inches of snow. Then again, I have to say I don't miss the heat down there--I feel your pain.