Thursday, October 01, 2009


September's over, and it looks like it's safe to come out from under the bed. October horoscope. Other than that bit about housing turning challenging ("TURNING??") it sounds good - and fits the mood I'm in right now.

You may be saying, "Bring it on! I've been forced to wait out too many situations! I am ready to get going!" Now, that's the attitude to have!

Yup, yup.

Murphy's Prednisone and Pepcid cocktail put his tummy in order again, and I spent an arm and a leg on the "good" chicken yesterday, so we shall see if that keeps things quiet.

Now, if I can just get a decent night's sleep. I was on track for one last night - cooler weather, good sleeping weather, open windows, ahhhh...and at 3:30 AM, the smoke alarm BRAAPPED. One LOUD HONK. Again at 4. Again at 4:30. No, it's not the battery - this house is "special" because once upon a time it was the builder's model, and the smoke detectors are hard-wired, not battery operated. I know, go figure. Every now and then, every few years, I think a little dust gets into the works and causes it to BRAAAAP! loudly - and always in the middle of the night. I dragged a chair over, climbed up (remember, this is at 4:30 AM and before coffee) and squirted some canned air into it, and it BRAAAPED! right in my face, like it was sneezing, and has been quiet ever since. I think I fixed it. But between the dog's tummy and the smoke detector and my normal insomnia issues, I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a week.

Anyway, yay for October, and a horoscope that isn't scary.


Anonymous said...

BRAAAPPP! I see you posted this at O-dark-thirty, so you must have just gotten up and given up.

Alarm systems now make my BP skyrocket and make me hyperventilate. If I didn’t need them for the smoke detectors (90 year old house built of wood) I would disconnect the whole system. HATE that sound.

Glad Murph seems better. October is the best month of all.

Anonymous said...

Smoke detectors - The one in the kitchen (supposed to be FOR kitchen application) used to go into hysterics every time we tried to use the toaster. Tried everything, including making sure there were NO crumbs in the crumb tray. Ultimatum: get rid of it or take up the raw food diet.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have tried holistic approach & home-cooking?


Catherine said...

I'm assuming you mean on the dog and not the smoke detector? He's getting partial home cooking - I cook expensive skinless boneless fatless additiveless chicken breasts for him - and the veterinary diet dry food, which he enjoys. Chicken alone would not be enough, and he's not that thrilled with chicken and rice and veggies. I wouldn't mind home cooking for him, but I'm glad he likes the Royal Canin stuff.