Friday, November 27, 2009

Home Again, and Waiting for

Godot the plumber.

My Thanksgiving was very nice, thank you. It started off with a hellacious long trek to Cousin C's - rain plus holiday traffic plus a multi-vehicle wipe-out where I-4 meets I-95. Didn't look like there were any injuries, just a lot of crunched metal. Seems to be going around right now.

But there was lobster on the lanai for dinner, and a gorgeous outdoor Thanksgiving lunch in St. Augustine. The weather could not have been more perfect - brilliant blue sky, a light breeze, and 70 degrees. I woke up early this morning (with Murphy's usual assistance) to drive home bright and early - I am on standby for a plumber. We don't have an appointment, but if they can fit me in around the legit emergencies (they are on weekend/holiday staffing today) they can fix my dripping outside faucet. I hate like hell to take vacation days to deal with a dripping outside faucet, so I postponed it until I was going to be off anyway. Fingers crossed that they can fit me in and deal with it.

Tomorrow is another bright and early day - we have to be at the vet at 8 a.m. Murphy is doing very well, all things considered - he got into some cat food at C's and this caused a runny poop and some really room-clearing gas, but he appears to have bounced back. I have a long list of things to address with the vet, including the need for a mild tranquilizer for my neurotic little dog when we travel. Separation anxiety is too delicate a word for it. He has always been a bit neurotic, but now he's dramatically neurotic - he screams like he's being murdered if I leave him alone in a strange place. He doesn't bark. He screams, like he's in agony. Yeah, there's a pill for that, my crazy little friend.

Oh, the tension between Murphy and C's beautiful long-haired calico escalated on this visit. Murphy ignores her, but the cat has decided she doesn't like having him in her house, period, and hissing and spitting were not enough. On this visit, she took to smacking him in the head when she could get a shot in. The first time it happened Murphy was too surprised to react (she's declawed, so no harm done), but the second time - we were on the lanai, and the cat was on a chair. Murphy walked by, and she leaned off the chair and gave him two swift shots to the head. I was a witness to the crime, and it was an unprovoked assault - Murphy wasn't even looking at her when she hit him. But this time, Murphy went ballistic and went after her, barking fiercely. The cat ran, and Murphy was content to let her retreat. Neither one of them suffered any injury in the scuffle, it was all snarling and spitting and barking. I'm hoping the cat has now realized that Murphy is not a pushover and does fight back, and that will be the end of it.

I apologize for the quality of this picture; I forgot my camera and had to take it with my phone. This is the sun rising on our early morning (and quite chilly) walkie:

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