Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend unwinding, or in my case, unrolling.

Hooray for Friday! I realized this week that I'm as tight and brittle as a bundle of old rusted wires - I woke up before the alarm this morning and realized that I had slept huddled up in a ball, like a frightened armadillo. Tense much? No wonder I'm stiff and achy all day! Something has to give here.

My weekend plans are simple - tonight it's a run through Publix on my way home, tomorrow a.m. I drop Murphy at the Day Spa, then hit Barnes & Noble as soon as it opens for my cousin's other Christmas present, (she's getting her gifts early this year) and then I'll pop my iPod on my head and listen to an audiobook and clean house the rest of the day (in between, of course, I'll retrieve Murphy from his Day Spa, and part with many dollars). I have a real urge to get my disorganized life in spit and polish order, and cleaning always relaxes me. It's time for a good deep cleaning session, and a filling of trash bags party - a workout like that will get the knots out of my muscles, because it combines physical activity with clearing the decks. Follow it with yoga and a hot shower, and I might not sleep like an armadillo.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh yes - I knew I had a problem when I woke up with my hands so tightly clenched that I could not 'unwind' them. Big wake-up call, that.

Just had lunch with Son, DiL, and the two senior granchildren (GD and GS) and my soon to be 90 yo father (has vascular dementia AND Alzheimers) which was great fun even if Dad had NO idea what was going on..........., he still enjoyed it all.

So funny t'other day, I had to take him out for an appointment, just as a class of children were arriving to give a Christmas concert to the residents. The young'uns were all lined up outside the front door, and he walked down the line, greeting, shaking hands and harvesting smiles and giggles. I later encountered some of them in the home's lift at the end of the 'event' and had the chance to thank them for their kindness to Dad. Don't grumble about the younger generation to me, they are just fine.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Yes! I wake up with my hands clenched too. And how sweet about your dad and the kids - I agree that "the younger generation" is just fine.

Eddy said...
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