Monday, November 09, 2009

I have been commissioned...

to create a throw for Boy and DIL2B (hereinafter C&C, because it's so much shorter). Their living room is as follows: neutral cream walls and beige carpet, a fireplace with neutral tile surround. Sage green sofa with cocoa throw pillows. Dark wood tables. I am contributing two armchairs (whenever Boy can come collect them) a red with no blue undertones, and a gold wingback that he wanted from his grandparents' house. C-the-DIL2B thinks, and I totally concur, that a rich gold would go so nicely with their sage green couch, and would tie in the chairs to arrive later. (I'll be on the lookout for pillows that combine sage, chocolate and red or gold or cream.)

Criteria: Must Be Machine Wash/Dry. Do not even suggest a yarn that cannot be deal with that way - busy new parents/baby emissions/a high end throw is not going to happen. Must be soft, almost like chenille soft. Must be easy on my tired wrists. I have a yarn candidate: Berroco Comfort in Goldenrod. I used Comfort for a baby gift for a co-worker, and loved working with it.

Pattern: Right now I'm torn between a cable and a basketweave. Other suggestions are welcome.

See? I do knit!

Oh, the ultrasound? Postponed a week. Boy's work schedule changed, they want to go together, so on for it's a week from today. No worries - baby will be a week more mature and even cuter.

And I looked around and discovered I'm booked for every freakin' weekend from now until after the 1st of the year! While this is lovely and not boring, I'm suddenly slammed at work too.

I did make great progress on the garage yesterday. There is that.


Charlotte said...

How about Feather and Fan? I did one that combined that and a cable. As I remember, you did maybe three repeats of Feather and Fan and then did about a six-stitch cable and then more Feather and Fan and another cable, etc. across the width with a four or six stitch garter border all around.

Any word on the wedding?

Catherine said...

Actually, I don't want to do feather and fan! (Imagine that.) I'm thinking something more...substantial...would look better in that setting.

Angie said...

What about the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch n' Bitch? The pattern has interest along with an element of sophistication. Or maybe Saffron Cables from Interweave knits? I really like the color choice!

Anonymous said...

I made this throw (not this color) but you might like it?
A chill-chasing throw, made bold by knitting bright, chunky yarn into a big, leafy motif.

Linda said...

I love knitted cables. The Lion Brand website has a free pattern called Natural Cables Throw that I'm in love with!

bob said...

All I know is that Berroco Comfort, as you mentioned, is a pleasure to work with. It is so soft and washes well.