Sunday, December 06, 2009

Baby Sweater #1

Baby Bolero from One Skein by Leigh Radford. I skipped the cute little motif on the back on this one, but I may make another. I used the Blue Sky Organic Cotton called for in the pattern, because it is heavenly soft. It did, indeed, take less than one skein. It's cute, but damn, I love a top-down seamless sweater. The finishing on this little bitty thing was a pain in the butt - I hate sewing seams anyway, and wee little sleeves in a relatively cushy-thick yarn are a particular bitch. And then there was picking up the stitches for the border - no way could I get as many as called for around the sides. But, bitching aside, I do like the sweater. It is so wee and simple, and it is heavenly soft. I have another skein, and I'm going to add a simple little roll brim hat and booties.

But the next baby sweaters will be seamless. Seams suck.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the free pattern for a baby cardi on the Knitting Pure & Simple website? I am knitting my second one---it is 5 sts. per inch and is a hooded top-down raglan. I have been knitting them to give as shower gifts at work out of Encore, but it would be really nice in a better yarn. I think it would be darling for a little girl in a red yarn with some kind of faux white fur yarn for trim. I'm glad Dear Murphy is doing better---it's super-cold here in Iowa right now, so I've been knitting "baby" sweaters for my Yorkie.


Catherine said...

Oh, I like that pattern! I may have to do that in the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted.