Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Licensed to Smell.

I just told my dog that if farts could kill, he'd have to be licensed and registered as a dangerous weapon. He IS both licensed AND registered, but not for gas warfare.
He appears to feel fine. He's bouncy and happy and eating and playing and just like a kid again. But oooh, this is a gassy little dog sometimes. But he's bouncy and happy and loving life, so the occasional gas attack is a small price to pay for a sunny, happy, bouncy little bossy dog. Just call him 007.5 (lbs.) - he's Small and Silent But Deadly, and Licensed to Clear a Room.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the smile about Murphy.
I have had a bad hair/computer/printer/scanner/tv/vcr/health care day.
Murphy is so cute he makes me think of getting a puppy.
Yikes! Did I say that?


Louie's Mom said...

LOL, my husband and I are lounging in the bedroom with all the dogs and, oh, my, they are in rare form with their gas tonight! I so understand! Please give that little guy a hug for me-- if you dare get close enough :)

Catherine said...

Well, this is the real funny - after my brain surgery three years ago, I noticed that my sense of smell is different. I can still smell things and identify smells, but for some weird reason, the "repulsion" factor of bad smells is gone - I know when Murphy has produced a really spectacular gas bomb, but the smell is just a smell to me - it doesn't register as repellent. Other people back away, but apparently I'm now immune. :-)

Louie's Mom said...

This is a good immunity to have :) See, there is always a silver lining.