Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesday's Child Is Full of Not Sleeping Well.

Hump Day of a hard week here. I'm sleeping poorly and so tired by late afternoon, I get nothing done in my real life. And I'm having that end of the year taking stock of things introspection - I'm looking at another year coming to an end, and I'm still stuck in the same place, doing the same thing, and the light at the end of the tunnel is about as bright as a night light. I am not much closer to getting out of this situation than I was a year ago, because as soon as I worked through some issues, new ones (the roof, the potential plumbing issue) attached themselves to the end of the list, and the house is losing value like a leaking balloon, and, well, I just don't know which way to jump.

I spend at least an hour and a half in my car every day - sometimes 2 hours. I spend 9 hours at the office, and at least try to sleep 8 hours. So that's 19 hours of every weekday shot to shit, and I'm doing all of this all by myself, and can't afford to hire help unless absolutely necessary. No wonder progress is glacial.

But I've decided to put off thinking for the month of December. I have a lot going on at work. The commute isn't getting any shorter. I'm not sleeping well. So, for this month, I have resolved to Lighten Up and Have Fun, and give myself a holiday. No deep thinking, no making lists or resolutions or plans. I am not allowed to pay attention to politics, or read non-fiction. I'm listening to P.G. Wodehouse audiobooks, and fantasy - Terry Brooks' Landover series is wonderful escapist stuff. I will knit baby things and think happy thoughts, and in January I will be rested and ready to take the next steps.

Boy's car was a total loss as expected, so he's getting Cash For Christmas. Boy and C (hereinafter "C&C") went to their first baby birthing class tonight. Christmas will be fun. I will not be a drudge in December.


Vicki said...

Good for you. Sometimes life sucks - mostly the life out of you - but hang on to the little things that make you happy. Be kind to yourself and the little puppie beside you. As my fearless Momma said - "What doesn't kill you, gives you wrinkles". Somewhere in there is a positive motivation or a new face cream. Still haven't decided which! Much positive energy sent your way - Vicki

caroline said...

what Vicki said!
My mom always says, "Out of something bad, something good comes." I hate when she's right, did I mention that?
Likewise sending happy, fun, can we cut Catherine a break here, Universe? vibes...

dragon knitter said...

another series you might enjoy is terry pratchett's discworld books. thefirst is the color of magic, and they're funnier than all get out. alot of tongue in cheek humor (he is british, after all). a great, fast read