Monday, January 25, 2010


This is Layla:

She is taking a high-speed puppy nap on her daddy's shoe. She is utterly magnificent, and huge. She's 13 pounds at 8 weeks old! She's very bright, and in less than 24 hours had learned her name, the word "No," and has made great progress toward housebreaking.

We were all curious about how Dudley would take to a new intruder in his house. At first he was friendly but territorial - you can't touch that chewy, you can't sleep in THAT bed! Within 24 hours, things changed. The tide turned when Girl reported that Dudley had diligently torn his favorite Dingo chewy in HALF, so Layla could have the other half. Seriously. They have bonded and are playing like BFFs.

Of course, that Disney Moment perfect bit of doggy bonding was followed by a less welcome one. While Boy and I were visiting today (after we loaded the furniture) Dudley took it upon himself to teach her to dig. Dudley's not a terrible digger, but every now and then, he gets the urge. He had the urge to show her how to dig. You don't have to tell this girl anything twice (click for full dirty face view):

No matter how many ways we tried to redirect her, she kept returning to her new favorite spot in the yard:

"You can't keep your foot on that perfect diggy spot forever Daddy!"

So she had to come back inside, where she stood on the porch, looking longingly at her New Favorite Place:

So yes, she is awesome, and everyone who meets her is smitten.

It was a lovely 3 day weekend, though anything but relaxing. I had a lovely whirlwind visit with Boy. The last time he visited was for my mother's funeral, when he arrived late in the evening, slept a few hours, attended the service and went straight home to NC afterward. You think cats don't remember family? I wish I had a photo of the pile-on that took place when he sat on the couch. They were on him, purring so hard I thought they'd pass out. The best I could get of it was Murphy with his chin on Boy's leg, and Higgins contemplating walking over him to get to his favorite person. You have to know that Murphy doesn't appreciate Higgins AT ALL to know how crazy this cat was to see his long lost relative.

This was a delightfully refreshing 3 day weekend. If the roof work had been done it would have been perfect, but we had to reschedule. We were supposed to get The End of the World as We Know It this weekend, and indeed, some parts of Central Florida did get slammed hard. We had a line of severe thunderstorms passing through - I was awakened by the weather radio screaming over and over all night, but the really severe weather skipped my immediate area. But yesterday we had no idea where the storms would go or how long they'd linger, and Roofer called me yesterday afternoon and we agreed that we had to reschedule. I'll have to pick a new day and give him a call - preferably before Friday, because we have more rain scheduled for Saturday. Arrrgh. Dry season my ASS. Normally I'd be all about taking an extra day off, but I'm trying to save my days off for grandchild visit. The House Strikes Again. Sigh.


KatyaR said...

Oh, the cuteness--Dudley, the new pup, and the Boy--I'm not sure who's cutest! And how gentlemanly of Dudley to share his chewy!

Linda said...

Layla is going to be big beautiful girl!

k said...

On the other hand, it really is neat the way dogs learn from other dogs. They do learn good things, like "Only Do Your Stuff Outside!" and "Play fetch! The humans love that game."
Your family seems to be really settling in to happiness. That's great.

Catherine said...

The digging cracked us up - Dudley RARELY digs for his own amusement. He will dig holes for convenience - he makes little portholes under the fence just so he can see what the neighbors are doing. He doesn't try to expand it to escape; he's just nosy. This time he was totally, deliberately teaching the kid something he knew was a Bad Dog Thing, and he did it right in front of us. That was NOT a coincidence. That was Dudley being Dudley - the dog has a wicked sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG, OMG. I'm in love. (I have had 3 labs, and they are all smarter than me). That otter tail- oh so cute.

You are so right about the digging. Dudley took one look at her, and figured to show her a trick, knowing that in 3 months she will be able to free them both from any enclosure. He is a smart boy.


besshaile said...

that is one magnificent lab puppy ... and I know me some labs.

Catherine said...

Isn't she fabulous!? They really did well with her. I was a bit taken aback that they rushed to get her (they'd been idly talking about a 2nd dog for a long time) but damn, after seeing her, I'd have grabbed her in a hot minute too.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful puppy! It's so lovely when the pets make friends, and share.