Saturday, January 09, 2010

Icicles in the Afternoon.

It's really freakishly cold right now. Cold weather is not unusual, and even the rare snow flurry isn't totally weird, but usually the cold snap lasts a day or two, just long enough to kill the landscaping, and then it passes and pops back up to 75 degrees. Even the occasional freeze normally occurs around dawn, lasts an hour or two, and quickly warms up again.

THIS is freakish:

Those are icicles. I took that picture around 1 p.m. That's really freaking weird. The sky is gray, the lawns are brown, and my heat pump has not shut off for more than a few minutes in the last couple of days, and I fear for my electric bill.

Murphy doesn't think too much of this. The same dog who was all ready to explore the snow in Asheville does NOT approve of the cold weather in Florida. Snow and ice on vacation was an adventure. Sleet and icicles at home in Florida is just plain wrong, and he would like a wake-up call for when the sunshine returns. He will go outside when a dog must, but hustles in again as quickly as he can. Walkies? Forget it.

The cats would appreciate a space heater near the litterboxes in the garage, and heated floors.

But this won't last forever - next weekend we will be back around 75 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Heated floors - when we moved to a grazing property in 1979, the house was built with hydro-powered hot water heating pipes in the floor. With a dedicated 'loop' just in front of the WC. You could always tell where the pipelines were buried by the stretched out, belly down puddy-tats. The combo of heated floor and cork tiles was the BEST.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

It's six below here in Iowa right now. We're all hopefull, though---it's supposed to get up to 18 degrees sometime today. (!)