Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me vs. the Title Company, Round Two.

So, I have been working on a thing in another state (see me being vague and non-identifying) and in doing so, reviewed a title report for the project. This project exists, was platted (only once that I know of, but you never know around here) and consists of four phases. Yet, the title update only has three phases.

Here we go again: "Hello, title company?" I called my contact at the local office of the big national outfit. They duly jumped on it and tracked down their cousins in the other state. And relayed this question back from the other state:

"She asked how you know there is a fourth phase?"

"Because I have the recorded deed and plat, and the title policy issued by your company sitting on my desk as we speak."


The question is not how I know it exists, but how did they not know?

Headdesk hurts so much with these screws in my forehead.


k said...

You know, when we were getting ready to buy our farm up here, I wanted a lawyer to review the paperwork (or something). I called some local guy, whose secretary asked me if my lawyer was making me have the contract reviewed.
I told her that no, my lawyer said I was allowed to be as stupid as I wanted to be.
Remember, the screws in your head will damage the desk.

Catherine said...

Our desks are made to take head-beating. They have to be.