Monday, January 18, 2010


We did Park Avenue today (the one in Winter Park FL, not the real one). We got there 1-ish, and even taking our time at a mediocre overpriced lunch, we were outta there by 2:30ish. There is no "there" there. It's two or three short blocks of twee shops with overpriced merchandise you can find elsewhere for less, or "unique" things nobody needs. Window shopping was thoroughly unsatisfying. The only store I thought I might actually shop in (a cheese shop) was closed. So, off to the mall, to visit the new H&M store that opened with great fanfare a couple of months ago. Meh. Cheap crap for teens. Girl also gave it a "why bother." (She gives her discretionary income to the sales at J. Crew and Anthropologie.)

We did buy some stuff at World Market. I do enjoy World Market, and had to resist the urge to buy yet another cute teapot. (So sad, this addiction.) Girl fondled animal shaped cookie cutters. I did buy some wine and beer I can't find in the usual stores. She bought a bottle of an organic chocolate porter to sample, some very cute coasters, and some gummi bears. We got out really cheap. But it was fun, and we laughed, and we will do this more often - just not Park Avenue. And I need to remember that World Market is there when I need to buy gifts and such, because it is a resource of inexpensive cuteness and imported foods and damn cute teapots. I don't get in there often enough.

So, it was fun to spend time together and just do stuff, but Park Avenue doesn't need revisiting.


Janet said...

I'm still laughing at the "doctors wives in Lily Pulitzer" line.

Catherine said...

No, there actually IS a Lily Pulitzer store there! We did not go in, though Girl did say that if she ever has a daughter, she will dress her in those colors until she is old enough to argue.

And of course those wives are Older Wives (my age, I mean). The younger ones are in jeans, expensive highlights, and lots of Botox.