Sunday, January 31, 2010

WHY is it Sunday evening?

I don't want to face Monday. I know exactly what awaits (hint: title company bullshit) and I don't wanna do it. What I do is not like working in "retail" real estate, buying and selling individual houses. This is development stuff, and trying to get people who understand a residential closing to wrap their brains around the questions we wrestle with - if you think of every phone call as a root canal, that's kinda my day.

But my weekend was fine. Dudley came to visit, and spent most of his visit like this:

He had a lot of serious resting to do, because he is now where Murphy was when Dudley came to live with us - he's the Mature Dog struggling to keep up with a crazy-ass kid. He can do it, but a weekend on the loveseat with an old cat is feeling mighty good. We did take long walks, and of course the official games of rope were played, but there was a whole lot of sleeping going on. Tired dog and old cat held down the loveseat for hours on end. Tomorrow evening his Mommy will come collect him, and it'll be back into the exhausting endless party that is life with Layla.

"Dudley, come on, let's go outside!":

My roof is fixed, my fridge is stocked with healthy food products, I have awesome tea. Before Christmas I tasted a tea at Teavana. Last weekend, after paying an obscene amount of money for the most perfect hair I've had in years, I stopped in to buy it. I thought it was an off the shelf tea, but it was actually a blend of a jasmine green tea and a tropical Rooibos blend and it isn't on their website dammit. I will have to go back and get more to take to DiL2B after Baby is born, because it's low in caffeine and sooo lovely, it's my new addiction.

And tomorrow is Monday. I shall retreat to my chair and my knitting and a cup of that great tea, and try not to think about it.


ChelleC said...

I hope your week isn't as bad as you thought. Glad Dudley came "home" to cheer you up. He looks wiped out and ready to have a rest.

k said...

He does look pretty done in, in that last picture.
The good thing about working nights is that I don't have to get up for work Monday morning. The rest is all bad.