Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yarn Shops and Furniture Moving.

That's the weekend for me. But here's a shocker for you: Actual Knitting Content!

Today I did visit The Knitting Patch - see 2 days ago for link. It's a lovely shop - as gorgeous in person as on the website, and the owner is very friendly and passionate about yarn, but...her stock didn't float my boat. You know how it is - we have our weaknesses and our "trigger yarns" that make us throw caution to the winds. I had feared walking into an oasis of Lorna's Laces, but didn't see any. It's a very Florida shop, which is smart, because, duh. Lots of interesting blends of cottons and such; lots of Katia, some Noro, Needful Yarns and other brands I have now forgotten. Quite a bit of novelty yarn. Lots of interesting stuff I'd never heard of, so I took my time visiting, but nothing that said "You need this." Nothing that made me swoon. I will keep it in mind as a place worth visiting again, but I won't be pitching a tent there. This is a good thing for my bank account.

But you know how you get that Yen to Buy Yarn, and you MUST satisfy it? I left The Knitting Patch in a distinctly unfulfilled state, and needed to shop some more. So I rolled on down to Sip and Knit, where Doni had just the right fiber drug to kill the needy itch.

Here's a link to what I bought, because I am too lazy to take pictures: Ella Rae Merino Lace. I'd never seen or touched this stuff before. I love it. This Wine Cooler colorway looks like a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, and I suddenly had an extreme need for a shawl that looks like a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. I'll figure out the pattern later. The yarn will do the talking; the pattern could be garter stitch on larger needles and it would still be awesome. I took stock of my stash and realized that I am well stocked on neutrals and blues and browns, but have nothing in warmer colors like this. Love it.

I also found the right use for the Maple Creek Farm (I'd link to her website, but it doesn't seem to have been updated in years) yarn I bought at MDS&W: Featherweight Cardigan. link to designer's site for you non-Ravelers: Knitbot. I have just the right amount of a lovely soft subtle neutral bamboo-merino-silk blend that would be just right for this pattern.

And I rearranged the living room to set up my just-right knitting spot and reclaim my chair from the cats. I now have Ott light over my left shoulder, end table for tools and wine glass and remote, and a great view of the TV.

And it appears I am about to become a grandma again, because Girl and BF are on their way to visit some gorgeous Lab puppies. Dudley most likely will be getting a new baby sister. BF has already named her Layla. (They were listening to Clapton while discussing puppies.) Let's hope Dudley is okay with this new sibling.

Damn, this is a busy weekend already!


Anonymous said...

Dont tell anyone, but I would probably get more excited about Layla than a human puppy. although those are pretty exciting too. I have a lab and darn if the world doesn't spin around her.

We just signed for a condo in DC, I dont know how she's going to feel about giving up her wonderful yard. I have to destash in a hurry, and am stressing. I had started slowly, but things accelerated in a hurry, and we jumped on it. Off to throw more things in a trash bag.


Catherine said...

A condo in DC would be my idea of nearly heaven. It will take a miracle to get me out of this house in this market. And yes, I'm a dog person and my new four-legged grandbaby is exciting! I will share baby pictures as soon as I can get 'em. I think I have to go visit her tomorrow if they bring her home tonight.

Catherine said...

Layla is home and Dudley thinks she's the best surprise ever, and I will go meet her tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

OHHH!!! We need pictures!!!! Baby labs, puppy breath and happy dogs. Makes me smile.

By the way- the DC market seems to be exploding. The sales agents said they have had 15 sales in 23 days. We we sort of moseying along, and when we called to ask a few more questions they told us only one was left of the plan we liked. We said hold it and decided to jump off a cliff.