Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cough, cough, snort...Lost Weekend.

I'm slowly crawling out from under the worst head cold I've had in many years. Yesterday was a lost day - I was unable to think, and barely able to feed myself. Murphy and the cats were on their own, mostly. Today I did do laundry, and I'm able to breathe and speak a little without snorrrting and coughing up a lung, so it's passing, but I'm still not really coherent.

I did knit things, and watch movies I can't remember. And tomorrow is Monday, and that was my weekend. I still need to finish taxes, and boy, the yard is really dead and some of the shrubbery does not appear to be coming back. The joys of home-ownership are without measure, truly.

Grandchild countdown is on - there is a prospect of inducing her arrival a bit early. Granddaughter is still quite fine, but she's now 38 weeks and due to some iffy measurements of amniotic fluid last week they may make the call to nudge her out a bit early. I'm still scheduled to visit the 3rd weekend in March, when Girl and BF and the Dawg Pack will house sit. In the meantime, there will be pictures and perhaps some live updates from the delivery, courtesy of Boy.

She's almost here! How wild is that?


k said...

Good grief! You're not going to work like that, are you?
But Grandchild! WHEEE!

caroline said...

waHOO!!! and btw, just left Asheville today and now I finally GET IT about a-ville. Wanna share a house/apt? Am in love with the place. We stayed with friends this time and it made all the difference. 350+ independent restaurants..just sayin'. have fun with the new babe and with A-ville...hope you feel better soon.

Catherine said...

Yep, staying with family/friends and getting the feel of the city makes all the difference, doesn't it? I swear I feel myself relax and my blood pressure drops every time I visit. :-)