Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, No Holiday Here.

So, here's the update I didn't provide on Sunday, because I got all dutiful and did my taxes (almost finished, but I have to deal with the selling of my mother's house, which is Special). I did spend some quality time doing other things, but taxes are the excuse for the update failure.

I also spent some time this weekend setting up job search engines, and saw exactly ONE job that was worth sending a resume - a paralegal job that would fit my skill set and is listed as "Northwest Orlando." I have no idea what that means - I live Northwest of Orlando, so that could be a good location, or it could be an hour away too. It also involves another hefty pay cut, but I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and if I use some of my inheritance to pay off that 2nd mortgage, and cut my commute time (gas and toll roads, oh my) down by 2/3 or 3/4, I could live quite nicely on the proposed salary, which I would of course try to negotiate up just a tad. Right now I'm spending $300 a month just to commute, not counting wear and tear on my car, which is already 4 years old. Granted, it's a Subaru and I plan to keep it for 200k+ miles, but I'd hoped that those 200,000 miles would not blow by as quickly as they are.

I've decided that my goal for my job search is quality of life - a job that will make my day shorter, get rid of the long commute, allow me to get a puppy, and have enough energy to have a social life, all those things normal people take for granted. I'm sick of feeling wiped out and burned out. The clock went off at 5 this morning and I thought how I would love to have a job that would allow me to get up at 6! You know your life is pathetic when getting up at 6 is "sleeping in."

So it's Monday, and we do not get this holiday, though our parent company does. I'm already fed up with the efffed-up crap on my desk, and tired, and disgusted, and it's only Monday. But my stuff from King Arthur Flour was on the UPS truck and at my door, so at least have stuff to play with, and tonight is the Westminster Kennel Club on TV (who cares about the Olympics when there are DOGS??) I will spend this evening watching dogs and maybe making yogurt. I'm such a wild woman, how come Bravo isn't beating down my door to give me a reality TV show? Real Women of the Dead-End Cube Farm!

Murphy is very chipper but still a bit loose in the pooping department. (You have to be a lymphangiectasia dog parent to appreciate this issue. We talk about poop.) I totally howled at this ad:

Dead on the money toward true Dog People.

So, Murphy's not pooping optimally lately, but also not awful, and so far, his weight is holding. I haven't called the vet yet, because his energy level hasn't flagged and he's not vomiting, but I hope the poop firms up soon. It's awful because it's really a terrible illness, but not without moments of humor - sometimes Murphy will fart so loudly and with such force, he runs forward a few steps, like he actually is jet-propelled. Yesterday he farted a lap around the living room, like he was wearing a rocket pack. I gave him his wee dose of Pepcid, and he settled down.

And now I'll make sure my cell phone ringer is on, so I don't miss the calls of all those TV producers who can't wait to make an offer to the middle-aged cube farm prisoner who knits and does yoga and makes yogurt and lives with the comical farting dog. I totally see TV hit here! No? Maybe I'll just get my knitting and settle down to watch Westminster.


carlarey said...

I'd watch! Wait...what does that say about my life?

Catherine said...

Thanks, really. I get a huge kick out of sharing my life (and Murphy's), such as it is, with the big wide world. I'm still thinking we are not ready for TV, even cable.

k said...

I watched thirty-something, when it was appropriate for my life. Why wouldn't I watch this?
And Westminster is about the only thing that really makes me think about cable. Remember when that German Shepherd thought she had won the show, and it was some other hound that I didn't like? I felt so bad for her. And Eukaban, or whatever that dogfood is? When the Rhodesian Ridgeback thought the dog in the emblem was real, and jumped away from it?
Yes. I am insane.

Catherine said...

Crazy Like Me. I think we just named the show.

Linda said...

OMG! I'm dying here! Tears streaming down my face laughing! Laughing so hard MY dog came over to see what was wrong. Jet-propelled! OMG! Too, too funny!

Catherine said...

If he could time it I'd upload a video, but it's, um, spontaneous.

dragon knitter said...

maybe we need to get my son and murphy together? i swear, that boy is rotting from the inside out. he's gas-propelled, too, lol.

and i LOVE that dog-foodcommercial. so much for sexy david duchovny, eh?

Anonymous said...

Subarus: There is a 2 wheel drive Liberty sedan sitting in our drive way right now.
Purchased by E & C about two years after they married (C drives auto.)
As a business/family vehicle. When their 2nd child arrived, car too small so handed on to the senior partners (Ernst & I), we used it until we retired.
By that time it's trade-in/resale value was almost non-existent, so it was given to my father as an upgrade. He is now in hostel care and no longer able to drive so it is back with us.
The little beast is 20 years old,
and has 377000 KILOMETRES on the 'clock'. Cosmetically definitely shabby, still starts first time, every time, still stops promptly when required!
One of the reasons it stayed with us so long is that about 5 years before we were ready to part with it, we had to replace the auto transmission. Which COST.

Gae, in Callala Bay

ChelleC said...

Oh my gosh, you had me laughing so hard too. I WOULD watch the show. K also brought back memories of Thirty-something. That was a good show. Now Catherine needs to launch Crazy Like Us for those whose lives are hopelessly (but maybe thankfully) uneventful. Where Murphy the fart-propelled dog entertains middle-aged women and fends off obnoxious screaming 10 year old tresspassing boys.

ellen said...

Quality of life is everything. Without it you are just keeping the body alive for the use of the cube farm. I wish you luck on your job search. It's not a fun process, for sure.