Sunday, February 07, 2010

When Murphy Met Layla.

Today we introduced Murphy to the newest four-legged family member. Girl brought her over, without Dudley, for a quiet introduction to the Bossy Little Old Man. Murphy was very excited, and roo-ed and barked like a maniac at the sight of her. She cried, and acted very shy.

Yes, this is the same puppy - she has just about doubled in size in 2 weeks, and now looks like a DAWG. We have to keep reminding ourselves that she's really just a baby of 10 weeks.

Murphy seemed to understand that she was a baby, and after the first burst of excitement, he calmed down and treated her very gently, giving her little kisses on her nose.

She quickly got over her shyness, explored the house and the yard, refrained from diving into the fish pond after the goldfish (this seriously tempted her, but she knows "No!" already), and learned that Grandma has a dog treat cookie jar on the counter, and is a sucker for nice girls who sit for treats. She is a very polite little girl, and very gentle, which is a good thing. Note the dawg shape emerging. She's going to be HUGE. (Also note the dead bushes. I'm procrastinating the yard work until next month, after we're safely past a chance of another freak freeze.)

Everyone got along really well - Layla was calm, obedient, submissive, and after she got over her shyness, played fetch and danced around barking. She and Murphy were buddies within a half hour. The cats were, of course, thoroughly disgusted.

Boris was not about to yield his living room to yet another dog. They sized each other up and were polite. It was Layla's first encounter with these things called Cats, and she was intrigued but not overly pushy with them. She's a very calm, gentle girl, just naturally well-mannered.

In other news, I had my fireplace inspected and cleaned on Saturday, just in time for the latest batch of cold weather. So, the roof is fixed and the fireplace is functional, and hooray! Murphy approves.


Anonymous said...

Otter tail at half mast!!! too cute- it means she is clam and interested, and very comfortable. She is so gorgeous. Girl should check with her vet and see about putting her on adult food right away- it slows their puppy growth and lets their bones and joints keep up. They do fine on it. I've done it with all my labs and they fortunately have not had any issues. Too fast growth can lead to hip dysplasia.


Catherine said...

Both parents' hips were certified, but she has a vet appt tomorrow for Layla's next round of puppy shots, so she can ask. Though Layla already prefers Dudley's food, so it's not like puppy food is her sole source of nutrition. :-)

besshaile said...

what a BEAUTIFUL lab puppy - dawg to be soon. And the fireplace looks so inviting!

Anonymous said...

Kimmen is right - parentage is NOT everything in hip and joint problems.

Too rapid growth, and too much 'puppy fat' CAN lead to some horrendous problems.

Check out the Bones and Raw Food Diet. I have a couple of books on the subject by a Dr Ian Billinghurst, a Vet in rural practice in Bathurst, NSW.
I do not use his product - I mix my own, following his principles.
Emphasising over and over that the bones referred to are RAW. Otherwise people are inclined to have fits when they find out I feed my dogs on chicken bones.

Oh, I betcha Layla will manage to find a way to accidentally fall in the fish pond..........

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

It would be easier for Girlchild if both dogs ate the same food, so it's good to know that puppy food may not be necessary.

Cris said...

What a cutie! I have a Chocolate Lab, Labs are such sweet dogs!

k said...

She looks so perfect there, next to the red wall (or rust, or ...). Like she belongs.

Catherine said...

It's cranberry red. If it looks like rust, you may want to tweak your monitor settings. :-) And no, she's just a guest. She's welcome to visit grandma for sleepovers, especially after she stops that middle-of-the-night bladder call.

ChelleC said...

Ah! I loved seeing Layla interact with Murphy and Boris. Seems right at home already. I can see why Murphy is enjoying "his" fireplace