Saturday, March 06, 2010


After due consideration, I went with the Trek Pure. Mine is the metallic pink. I thought about going with the gold, but what the hell, the pink is much more fun. I like it a lot - especially the lightness of the frame, because, damn, it BARELY fit into Baby - it's those high "comfort" handlebars; they almost did us in. That, and the fact that the nice young man at the bike shop was apparently as spatially-challenged as I am, because neither of us spotted the issue when we struggled with it. We loaded it with barely enough clearance to close the hatch, and he said he hoped I had help on the other end to figure out how to get it out again. I didn't. I got home and, yeah, at first it was a challenge. I wiggled it this way, and that way, and then the lightbulb (must be a fluorescent, because it took a second to come on) in my brain flickered to life, and I could see the very easy solution: lift the rear wheel over the wheel well bulge! And because it's such a nice, light bike, I could do this single-handedly with no real effort. I don't know what the bike weighs, but it's not significantly heavier than my purse.

And of course, I had to go for a ride immediately. I have to say it was a little weird - this was my first time on a bike in a few years, and these comfort bikes really are different. Riding in this upright position will take a little getting used to, but I do agree it's very comfortable. But I felt "wobblier" sitting so straight, like my dad just took off my training wheels, and I also keep hearing the theme music of the Wicked Witch of the West in my head. But I think I'll get used to the riding position, and the theme music will stop eventually. It is an EXTREMELY comfortable bike, just different from any I've had before.

Edited: Oh, and an unexpected benefit of the upright riding position hit me after my ride. I have some sort of nerve damage that has never officially been diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm. When I ride a bike that requires any sort of arm pressure on the hand grips, I am sore later. Sitting upright, this wasn't a factor at all. That alone makes it worth getting used to the "wobblier" feeling when steering; I'll adjust to that.

I had the nice young man at the bike shop add a rear rack just in case I want to bungee something now and then, and a water bottle holder, because, yeah, Florida, hot. Otherwise didn't go nuts on accessories - a front basket really would make that Wicked Witch of the West thing too close. I'd be constantly watching for tornadoes, and obviously I can't turn against Little Dogs, Too! I found a very good lock and an inexpensive little handlebar bag just to hold my phone, etc., at Walmart. And next week Daylight Savings Time begins, and I can go for a nice, relaxing ride after work every day. Awesome.

Baby update: All is still well and on schedule. The last ultrasound showed that she's "practicing breathing," which the tech said means she's really close to launch. Sometime between now and next Friday, I will be a grandmother. A grandmother who just bought herself a pink bicycle.

"You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely." - Ogden Nash.

I have that one on a fridge magnet.


Anonymous said...

What a cool bike! I really like the color. I predict that you are going to love it after you get used to it. I have the $10 bike bag from WalMart, too, and it is hard to beat. There is room for some change, my cell, and some sock knitting. Again---have fun with it; when I ride my bike, I feel like I'm channeling my inner 12-year-old.

Brenda in Iowa

Catherine said...

I need to master turning - because on the bikes I've had in the past, I rode bent forward and turning was an organic thing - lean in and turn your body with the bike. Sitting upright, turning is suddenly Different and Scary! I haven't figured out the balance point yet. I'll adjust, but right now I'm feeling like I got my first two-wheeler. But the lack of pressure on my right hand is awesome, and I can learn.

k said...

That's a good thing to know. I do have trouble with both wrists, and have been wearing padded gloves. Now I'll just steal my daughter's bike. Much simpler.

Catherine said...

Better than gloves any day! I had no idea that was an unforeseen benefit - I was thinking of sparing my knees, but yeah, when you sit straighter you aren't leaning on your forearms/wrists. However, I felt distinctly wobbly on my first ride, and will have to find my new center of gravity for turns. Now I'm swinging wide, like those morons who should not be allowed to drive SUVs. Must tighten that up before venturing out onto actual roads. First ride = kinda unnerving.

ellen said...

Good choice! The color is so pretty. You'll get the balance thing quickly - getting used to a new bike I always chant the phrase I learned in motorcycle safety class - I'm looking right, I'm turning right.

Joan said...

Just nicked that quote for my Facebook page. Happy trails!

ChelleC said...

That's exciting. I love the color. What a fun way to approach fitness.

KatyaR said...

I think ALL grandmothers should have pink bikes! Why not? It just puts you on the short path to coolness. My grandmother didn't have a cool bike, but she was the coolest lady I've every know, so the bike is just a plus.

I'm excited to hear that the grandbaby is coming soon--can't wait to hear the good news!