Thursday, March 04, 2010

Finally Almost Friday.

Murphy was a little restless last night, and of course I slept with one ear listening like a mom, in case he got sick again, but we made it through the night without further combustion. I did put him outside at 2:30 a.m., after a particularly alarming gas attack. After we rose at 5, I dosed him with a wee squirt of Prednisone, and I'm going to adjust his diet a bit. The batch of yogurt I just made (which turned out awesomely perfect) was made with 1% milk, but this weekend's batch will be done with my usual fat-free, so he can have a little spoonful of yogurt each day. If he doesn't settle down as he usually does, I'll have to take him to Vet Boy, and see if we can try something else to get him settled down. I'd hate to leave my house sitters with one randomly exploding little dog, one confused, sensitive puppy wondering why she's staying in a new house, and Dudley, the Instigator of Mischief, plus of course, the cats, who will be really freakin' thrilled when all three dogs move in. They can tolerate them one at a time, but this time they will be outnumbered. :-) (Note to self: Leave the house well-stocked with paper towels and Miller Lite. Steaks in the freezer and charcoal for the grill might be a good idea....)

Possible baby update tomorrow - time for another check-in. Meanwhile, I have started catching up on True Blood via Netflix. I've read (actually, listened to via Audible) all of the Sookie Stackhouse books and loved them, and was curious about the show. I watched the first two episodes of the series on Sunday, and I think I like it, is a bit darker and less fun than the books. The difference is the lack of Sookie's inner voice, I think. Her thoughts gave a down to earth, snarky reality to the vampires and werewolves and mind reading, etc. But I LOVE Tara, and I love Lafayette, and all in all, I'm very happy with the casting. I like the show; I just miss the Sookie voice.


k said...

Skip the Miller Lite. Move on to tequila and catnip. Or are your cats immune?
No, wait. Probably a bad thing, all together.

Catherine said...

My cats LOVE catnip, but I'm thinking if the people are passed out on tequila and the cats are stoned and snoring, that leaves the dogs in charge. Yeah, that sounds unwise.

needlefingers said...

Lafayette steals the whole show. One of the rare instances when I actually like what the TV writers do better than the book.

And I won't say any more than that, so as not to give anything away. But I think you'll love it. :)