Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For those in search of baby pictures....

She's growing fast - her eyes are wider and more alert. I love this picture, because she has the same intense, serious face her father and aunt had at that age. Figuring out the world is serious business! She's outgrown newborn clothing at 3 weeks. Newborn clothing is a waste - both my kids were out of it in two weeks. Fortunately I had wise older cousins with kids who warned me about this. I bought a lot of 6 month sized stuff for spring - and by the time it's warm enough to wear a sundress in the mountains, I'm thinking the ones I bought will fit just right.


Anonymous said...

When Anne had young Darcy, after 10 year of trying, their Quarter Horse friends from all over the world sent some of the loveliest newborn clothes.

One, all in one suit, pure white, with pintucks and the most beautiful detailing, from Paris, no less.

All NEVER worn, Darcy was just too long to ever have a hope of fitting into them.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Somewhere I have a pair of INCREDIBLE hand-crocheted booties that look like they belong in a museum, made for Girlchild when she was born. She was born unable to get her foot into them. Supergirl has blown through all the newborn stuff already, and it's good that they had a generous backstop of hand-me-downs, because I didn't anticipate hitting 80 degrees F there in April.