Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Murphy!

I don't want to let this important date pass without a major fuss. Murphy is 10 years old today. This is a milestone I'd feared we would not reach. We've had a few ups and downs and times when I wondered if this was the beginning of a long decline. But right now, I'm feeling incredibly good.

This was the first time since his diagnosis that I left him for almost a week. I left him in the able hands of Girl and her Fiance, and Dudley and Layla. Girl reported that when Dudley and Layla tried to do the kind of crazy shit they do at home, roughhousing and acting wild, Murphy went all Super Nanny on them and broke it up and Laid Down the Law. And they obeyed. (I wish we had video - 7 lb. Murphy laying down the law for 23 lb. Boston and 32 lb. Lab baby.)

Oh, and I know you are all dog (or knitting, or baby, or something) people here, so you will join me in celebrating the strikingly healthy, normal poop Murphy produced on our evening walk. He walked with a spring in his step I haven't seen in months. He is BACK. Maybe I need to go away more often, and leave him here to play Super Nanny/Mr. Myiagi on the kids. Or maybe I really do need to take the steps I need to take, to bring a puppy into the house and give him the company and fun I know he craves. Because 5 days in the company of other dogs, and he's remarkably better. Same food, same water, same house - but the socialization helped him in ways I never would have imagined.


Linda said...

"strikingly healthy, normal poop" YEA! Happy Birthday Murphy!

KatyaR said...

"Mr. Myiagi"--too funny! I would have loved to see him Lay Down The Law.

Happy Birthday, Murphy--may you have many, many more!

Catherine said...

Girl was the one who said he was like a little Mr. Myiagi "with 120% more anger." :-)

Anonymous said...

happy, happy birthday to Murphy!! I am thrilled for both of you that he is doing so well! I hope his good health and your darling granddaughter will help put a spring in *your* step as well!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Murphy - it's not the size of the dog in the 'fight', is it?

Years and years ago we had Peke bitch of 'strong character', her amiable if dim daughter, and a German Shepherd X, also female. When I was in the kitchen, preparing food, Mum Peke sat at my feet, her daughter sat a respectful 18 inches away, and the German Shepherd sat in the doorway.
One toenail over the threshold was enough to get her into strife.

Keep it up Murphy, may your shadow never grow smaller,

Gae, in Callala Bay

besshaile said...

I vote for the New Puppy!!

angelbelle said...

go to there is a two year old Yorkie listed. It is a shelter in Athens, Georgia

zippiknits said...

Happy Birthday very late to you, Murphy. Now tell Mom she could be writing a daily column somewhere or even writing a book. She's really a most excellent writer!