Sunday, March 14, 2010

A lovely, sunny Sunday.

Today was so delightful and relaxing, I can't decide whether it has helped me find the strength for the week, and for what I must do this week, or if it was just a distraction and tomorrow will come crashing down in all its Suckage.

Today, Girl and I went to Sea World. We went with Girl's co-teacher, who is out on medical leave with a serious injury that has left her unable to drive, which, in Orlando, means "left her housebound and basically needing Meals on Wheels." If you can't drive in this area, your world becomes incredibly small and inconvenient. Anyway, yesterday Girl asked if her friend could come with us, and I said Of Course, because I've been wanting to meet her. She is delightful, sweet, funny, nice. We had a lovely day. Sea World has a really good deal for FL residents - pay for less than a one day ticket and have all year admission. We jumped on that.

Note to any Floridians wandering in here and considering it: Go online and buy and download the voucher for the pass. When you get to the park, you walk to a self-serve kiosk and scan the bar code on the voucher you printed, and the machine spits out your pass, and you never stand in line. One of the reasons I love Sea World is No Lines. (If you really want to ride the coasters when you get there, suck it up and pop for the $15 wristband that lets you jump the lines. It is well worth it when the average wait on a not so busy day was 45 minutes.)

For me, Sea World is about getting close to the animals. I regret that I didn't take any photos of feeding the rays, which is sooo cool, but they were really active and it was very splashy, and I couldn't feed and take pictures. I did get pictures of feeding dolphins:

Those are of course the hands of the guy standing next to me, because it was not possible to feed and take picture at the same time.

"Put down the camera and GIVE ME A FISH!"

It was a nice day. We saw shows, walked miles, visited sharks and penguins, (the penguins really need a better home; that place looks the same as it did when it opened, and the other animals have been upgraded to posh environments). We relaxed and just enjoyed the gorgeous day.

It felt like this:

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k said...

Isn't it amazing how much a simple day of simple fun improves everything around it? I had one last week, and I'm still riding its tails. Actually, I had two. Maybe it will last me for a while.

May this be the beginning of the not-suckage for you.