Saturday, March 13, 2010


I had to take Baby to the dealer for a minor recall thing ( really minor, fear not: Baby is not a Toyota) today. I was forced to sit in the waiting area and listen to an hour of Faux Noise. I've only been there 2x, but each time, the TV is locked on Fox. Luckily, I had my iPod to drown it out, but it still seeped in.

Holy crap, the world is a scary, scary place for Faux Noise viewers! The very first story was about flight attendants needing defensive training to deal with terrorists (the interview was with someone running a "private school" for flight attendant training, when silly me, I thought airlines ran that stuff). Jesus God, you'd think that flight attendants were being called upon to arm-wrestle terrorists on a regular basis, instead of it being the same sort of freak, scary "nuts on a plane" event it has been, um, all of my life. It went downhill from there. Every single story was a variation on "Be AFRAID!!!!" and was based on hysterical, distorted, overwrought crap. Fair and Balanced? Oy.

Baby is fine, and I managed to survive the "Be afraid," from the service guy, who truly is a charming, cute guy, as sincere as any Faux Noise anchor, who sincerely told me about all the service things that my car needs, and how they can do them for this discounted price, and OH Boy, this is important! - while I've been keeping up with service with my own local people, and all but one thing has been done and it wasn't due yet.

Oh, and after the warranty repair was done, as a parting shot, he tried to tell me that my tires are going to fuck up my transmission. Yeah, thanks, charming smiling boy, but I think I'll go to the people we've been using for 25 years, and so far, no Major (or even minor) Vehicle Failure! Sigh.

To his credit, though he sold it with all his warmth, he didn't push when I said Naah. I got the feeling that this is part of his job - he does it, but doesn't push back if you say no. Still, it is wearying. I only use this dealer when it's an issue that is covered by warranty. They wear me out.

Lovely bike ride this afternoon, but I'm still not really steady. So glad Daylight Savings Time starts tonight, and bike rides can happen every day.

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ellen said...

Everywhere I go I see Faux News and it scares me to death. Who are these people who appear otherwise normal but eat this crap up?