Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ahem, yes...

I had big plans about blogging a whole lot more, telling the world about my Exploration of My Path to My New Life, but so far, it has involved walking the dog and cleaning out my closet.

Today, we did have big fun. Girlchild is engaged (did I remember to mention that?) and she's thinking of an October wedding. October, 2010, that is. Yeah, this October. This isn't an impossible thing, as it's a small wedding, as these things go - under 100 guests for sure, probably 50-75; but it must be REALLY NICE. And also really affordable. And also in a special location that will be elegant and different. (My own reception was a drab afternoon luncheon in a drab hotel ballroom, and, yeah, bleh.)

Today we went to a bridal show in Lake County, which, despite the "best of" rankings it has received, We then drove from Mt. Dora to downtown Orlando, to do drive-bys of a couple of venues. And it appears we have a winner! We did a drive-by and she was excited enough to want to get down to details.

My back is aching like a bad tooth today. It took me a while to figure out why. Though I feel like I'm Not Doing Jack Shit, in reality, I have been cleaning out the closet and lifting and stretching and moving. I'm not doing anything really that strenuous, just different, and it's just a sign of how BAD sitting for 11-12 waking hours a day has been for me. My back is pissed off about having to function in an upright position for so many hours a day. It will get over it.

I also have a black and white and crazy all over house guest. When I dropped Girl at her house, I collected Dudley - Layla needed Alone Time with Mommy and Daddy again, for some quiet training and positive reinforcement of Good, Calm Girl behavior, and Dudley needed a break from being the Instigator of Mischief, and Murphy has been moping and needed a doggy sleepover. Everybody's happy. Except the cats.


Anonymous said...

Weeell, the afternoon Anne and I got home from choosing the fabric for her wedding dress, suitably tired and happy, planning for a mid-September wedding, her brother announced that he and DiL2B were planning to wed 'before Christmas' the same year.
Yup, two weddings, about 10 weeks apart.
I made an executive decision, the only people who would be at BOTH weddings would be people who know me and clothes - I wore the same outfit to both.
And Anne chose to have the wedding and reception on one of the Tall Ships, on Sydney Harbour. Magic.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Yeah, Boy and DiL2B were thinking October, because of course the leaves are perfect in the mountains, and she wanted October. They can still do it. I have no real problem with this; the guest list overlap is small and they can all afford to do both if they have enough lead time to schedule vacation, and I'd be happy to do both in the same month. Ooh, a Tall Ship in the harbor! We don't have a harbor, and Girl has to choose a venue most of her guest list can do. Me, I'd opt for a B&B in St. Augustine, but that's just me, and I still have to identify a groom. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And the Tall Ship (the Solway Lass, a retired coal-ship) could only accomodate 60 for a sit-down buffet.
We paid for an extra deck-hand so we could extend into the evening.
The ceremony took place in a small bay beside the Sydney Opera House. Then we sailed merrily down towards the Heads, anchored up in another bay for the meal (which was superb) and then sailed back up the harbour, with the Bridge nicely set off by the sunset. And it must have worked, they will celebrate their 20th next year....... I could not imagine anything easier for the mother of the bride - everybody was so relaxed, the weather (spring, of course) was perfect, and the scenery kept everyone entertained. Even the one potential trouble-maker was so well amused by the sights that he got no where near enough to drunk to be nasty.......Bonus!

Gae, in Callala Bay