Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Plan

My plan for the first week of my sabbatical was to do Not Jack Shit. I suck at this. By 2 this afternoon I was getting restless, but I forced myself to do Not Jack Shit. I puttered around the house a bit. I read a little. I took a surprisingly not delighted Yorkie on a meandering walk around the lake.

I say "surprisingly not delighted" because Murphy is sort of like Monk on four legs. He KNOWS the routine! I was supposed to be at work today, and I didn't GO, so:

Theory 1: I was going somewhere (watches suspiciously for signs of packing). Nope. He was so sure this was the case, when I put the trash out this morning I heard him hollering in outrage in the house - he was sure I was going to get in the car and go someplace cool and he wasn't invited!

Theory 2: I was going to do something interesting, in which he could participate. He didn't get a decent nap all day, because I was here on a work day and there HAD to be a reason! He had to follow me from room to room, just in case I did something.

He's passed out now. Neither of his theories panned out and he has no idea why I am here all day, interrupting his naps. And I've decided that perhaps a week of doing Not Jack Shit was too ambitious. You can't stop being a Type A Neurotic overnight, you know!

Fortunately, Girlchild, who is, after all, my child, has booked me for Sunday - we are doing a wedding vendor expo thing. Then Monday, more trying on of dresses. So I don't have to follow through on a full week of NDJS - I can struggle through two more days, and then start Doing again on Sunday. ;-)

Oh, and I emailed a quality FL breeder with litters of Boston Terrier puppies on the horizon. The timing would be freaking perfect for me, and I have to believe that one of them is my next baby. I have a "puppy bank" set aside for this. (I have to admit, for a crazy moment I was tempted to spend the puppy fund on an iPad, but no, no, I can get an iPad when I'm settled in a new place/job. Puppy time is perfect NOW.)


KatyaR said...


I wondered if maybe you'd go through with it now that you have time to raise a pup. How exciting is this? That would definitely make Murphy happy, I'm sure.

Keep doing nothing for a while--you deserve it!!!

Catherine said...

Puppy Time will be sometime in late June through July. I'm staking out a claim on a litter's due date. Which is perfect, because I'm going to MD in mid-June, so after that trip, it'll be Puppy Time.