Monday, April 19, 2010


I had a mild freak-out today. It happened when we toured the wedding venue (check out the photos of the I.W. Phillips house/garden) and then discussed dates. October/November was already in the plan, and only the Groom (I appreciate his quiet, thoughtful observations more every day) pointed out, um, their lease is up in October, and they're planning to rent my house, and I'll be moving too, and oh yeah, wedding! (He also came up with a lot of wise observations about sports team schedules and impact on traffic, etc.) They are going with a Sunday evening in November (barring any major downtown events that would turn the traffic into an unholy hell).

So there is a plan, and while moving is a complication, it's all in the family and we'll figure it out. This would not be so scary if I hadn't been planning to move out of state, and need to job hunt, and empty out the house, and sell off a lot of random Stuff between now and then. I Am Insane.

I soothed myself by going to Target (somehow, Target always helps). I bought exciting things like cat litter and dog treats. The dog treats were seriously depleted after a week of Dudley.

It didn't really help the Big Picture, but a few hours after hyperventilating when it all hit me, it's not all that crazy. The wedding is not a huge affair with 250 guests and a whole lot of coordination. It'll be a casual event with 60-75 people tops, in a lovely old house and garden.

It's not the wedding that caused me to feel suddenly faint - it's the little things I have to do, like, oh, relocate my entire life, lock, stock and dog(s), to another part of the country, find a job, a place to live, yeah, nothing much. I really want Bride and Groom to rent this place, because if I move out of state I'd feel a whole lot more comfortable as "absentee landlord" to family. (Plus, if I rent to them, the house can come with cats, conveniently pre-installed, at no additional charge.) Cousin C offered to let me live in her spare room if I'm left homeless on Halloween, and I can put my pared-down stuff in storage if it comes to that. Not a big deal.

So, after a few hours to get over the initial OMG WTF OMG impact of it all, and a stroll through Target, buying cat litter and dish soap and "Ommm"ing softly to myself, It Will Be Fine. The Bossy Dog and I may be living in spare rooms and basements for a few odd weeks along the way, but This Can Be Done. The time to panic is not Now. The time to Panic is...August 15th. We shall identify that as Panic Time.

BrideGirl also has the perfect dress. You'll have to take this on faith, because I really don't think their catalog shots do it justice. Trust me that Girl looked like royalty - not a fairytale princess, but a real one - in this dress. With a veil with beaded trim, and a pearl and crystal tiara, it was hands-down The Dress. It was also her first instinct. She tried on other dresses, and there was a fairytale princessy one with a long train and a full skirt that looked magical on her, but also, not like her.

This dress also suits the venue perfectly - I can just see her circulating the reception, in a candlelit garden with fountains and twinkling lights in the trees, (or, in case of rain, in the elegant old house with a wide veranda and a genuine Tiffany window - the entire space is part of the package). I can see it, and it will be so lovely, but also relaxed and fun and un-stuffy, like the Bride and Groom.

Excitement has overcome panic. For now. ;-)


Anonymous said...

OK deep breaths. And start throwing out stuff NOW! I just moved0 we looked at a place on Jan 12, and were just starting to think we might want to down size, to moved on Mar 5. (well, we still are cleaning out the old house.). But dang it went fast, and we are in a much smaller place. I know you've been clearing out for a while, but do some more! It will give you a feeling of control and accomplishment.

And the dress is gorgeous. And you are heading up here! I just moved to DC from Baltimore.


Catherine said...

Oh, now I'm down to disposal of bigger things, like, furniture and such. If the Newlyweds do indeed rent this place, I'll give them first dibs. I'm also looking at what I have with a really critical eye - if I move into an 800 sf. apartment, what REALLY will be wanted there? It really is a short list.

KatyaR said...

Oh my, it really does all come up at you in a rush, doesn't it? But it will be okay. You have your mind set as to what you want and you're committed to doing it--that's 3/4 of the battle.

Beautiful dress, I'm sure your daughter will be beautiful as well. How fun to be planning TWO weddings!! (And I didn't mean to add another OMG WTF OMG moment, really I didn't!)

besshaile said...

you don't HAVE to leave FL in October if you don't find anything you want elsewhere. but I hope you do. someplace where sweaters feel good.

Catherine said...

I do have to get out of this house in October, and put my stuff in storage. As for "somewhere sweaters feel good," that is not a priority. I need to go somewhere job opportunities are good!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! What a stunning dress! And Girlchild is such a stunner herself, she will look like a princess. Sigh.