Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Onward and outward, to...somewhere!

I made contact with the BT breeder lady today. She was very nice, but apparently her email link from her website is not working, so she has to contact her webmistress and see about that. We had a pleasant conversation, and she took my email and will send me an application for a puppy. So, Yay!

Do not hanging around waiting for puppy pictures. If that's why you are clicking here, make a note to check back around June 1, when I may know if I'm getting a puppy from one of her litters. It's not decided until the pups are born and she has a chance to evaluate them as show vs. pet quality, etc. This is not a casual "backyard breeder."

Don't hang around looking for knitting pictures either, because I am in a definite knitting slump. I have WIPs about which I am not feeling the love. I have vague ideas of things I'd like to make, but can't quite get focused on doing it.

I did go to the recycling center to dispose of old paint and cleaning stuff, etc., and then drop by the SPCA, to look for dog prospects and also consider volunteering there. I had it in mind, and then visited their website this morning to get the volunteer application, and it said something like, "We're retooling our volunteer program; check back in April." Um, yeah, it's the middle of April. I'm thinking that will not happen. I dropped by anyway, because I'm still open to adoption, I really am. But... Sigh.

I love pit bulls. I really, truly do. I think they are, in the right families, smart, sweet, goofy, loveable and safe, and probably the most underrated and slandered breed in dog history. But in my circumstances, I can't have a big dog, let alone a dog that will be an Issue with landlords and apartment complexes wherever I land, because ooh noooes, pit bull! The dogs available for adoption were nearly all big to huge, and nearly all pit bulls. Calm, tail-wagging, just heartrendingly sweet faced dogs, but sadly, I'm not able to go in that direction.

Then, there was a face I totally adored - I think it was a Mastiff mix of some sort, a big, happy kid, maybe a year old max. Like a dog that belongs on a dog food commercial - a bright laughing face with a lolling tongue, bright, happy eyes, and just joy exuding from every fiber of his very large but still gangly-young being. He leaped at the bars of his pen with a face of total, happy joy - and when on his hind legs, was as tall as I am. A delightful, gorgeous, big, beautiful dog - and no, I can't have him. I am sure someone will grab that dog in a hot minute, because he's fabulously adorable. In other circumstances, his goofy, happy self would have been riding shotgun home with me, slobbering all over Baby's interior, but that is not the life I have now, and that's that. I must be real here, and do what will work for my future.

I did call a wildlife rehab center and volunteer my time, and at 8 tomorrow morning I will report for duty, cleaning cages and fixing food and bottle-feeding baby critters.


KatyaR said...

Good luck tomorrow morning--sounds like a fun gig.

I'm glad to hear you finally hooked up with the BT breeder. Puppies can't be rushed, but it's so much fun to dream about them. Unfortunately, they don't stay puppies very long--my Basie just turned 6 months, and he's so big he can hardly fit in my lap any more. He's no longer the baby that I could snuggle with on the couch. He's a big boy now.

Hoping you'll enjoy this down time for a long while to come!

Catherine said...

Baby Layla is 44 lbs.! She's smart and funny and loves to learn, which is a good thing, because she's going to be a moose. A happy, sweet, aiming to please moose.

(Human grandchild is also thriving, and I'm bitching for good photo updates.)

Anonymous said...

And I bet Layla's tail can clear a coffee table like magic !!

So agree with you about pit-bulls. It is (generally) not the dog that is the problem, but the owner. The tragedy is that we are not allowed to put a choke chain on bad owners, and the poor dog pays the price.

And remember -- smaller dogs have one salient advantage: Smaller appetites mean smaller poops. Or so I am led to believe.....

Gae, in Callala Bay

zippiknits said...

We saw so many pit bulls in the shelters -one adorable puppy who broke the heart, but we needed a smaller dog. We've had one and agree with your other poster, they are truly loving dogs. What is a BT?