Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Washcloth of Contemplation.

I hope you are all sitting down (that used to be a given, but with iPhones and iPads, I feel a warning is now a good idea). This is actually about knitting. Comfort knitting. The knitting one reaches for when one has thinking to do.

I really admire people who can think and knit lace shawls. I know some people find that sort of delicate, 24 pattern row repeat stuff calming and fun. Even before the brain thang left me with a shorter attention span, I didn't find it fun. Oh, and I do have a yarn stash in need of serious reduction in the next six months.

My standard of mindless knitting is now the cotton washrag. Today I made two, and cast on a third. Waffle stitch Sugar and Cream on size 6 needles, because these suckers stretch, and really don't last all that long, but they were just right for the job. The lifespan of one of these cotton washcloths is, in my experience, just about six months. See? Meant to be.

So all I did today, besides walk the dog, drain the yogurt and throw in a load of laundry, was knit washcloths, and think about where I want to live, and what I want to do, and all that minor stuff. Oh, and set up job search alerts for Asheville, MD and Orlando.

Now, it's back to the mindless pleasure of the washcloth.


k said...

6 Months - what a countdown.
I do mindless washcloths with the cotton doubled on size 10 needles - my mother's old ones. Like knitting with battleships.

Linda said...

Asheville is beautiful. So is Greenville, SC *wink*

Anonymous said...

What is it about those warshrags that is so theraputic? I went through some major drama on the employment front about two years ago, and I still have one of those big eco bags from Trader Joe's full of warshrags to show for it. (I have been using some of them and giving them away as gifts. For EVERY holiday. And with baby gifts. I swear they are multiplying on their own in that bag.) Have you seen the "Dish Rag Boutique" website? Or "Dishcloth Mania"? There are more patterns there for warshrags and potholders than you can shake a stick at, but I still only have two that I like to use.

Brenda in Iowa

ChelleC said...

I'd say warshrag away - there's not a thing wrong with that. Sounds like you are really in touch with what comforts you and that's letting you get your inner compass in alignment. Good for you! Maybe I should knit or crochet a few myself. Sugar and cream sounds pretty comforting right about now.

Francesca said...

I love to knit dishcloths -- I find it much harder to screw them up than other things, and also: gauge, what gauge??


Catherine said...

I like to knit them at a tight gauge, because they weigh a ton and stretch when wet. I am working through my modest stash of Sugar and Cream, and also my thoughts. It's good.