Monday, May 24, 2010

Ask me about my Granddaughter/Grandogter!

The human is lovely, thank you:

The canine is huge, thankyouverymuch:

Girl and FSil took her to the vet this morning, and have scheduled her Big Girl Operation for this Friday. She is 55 pounds of fetching:

Let's keep in mind she's still a baby of barely six months old, and isn't through growing yet.

She and Murphy got along famously, though she now outweighs him by, oh, 47.5 pounds. She is such a sweet girl - she nearly stepped on him a time or two, but really made a visible effort NOT to offend His Bossiness. And he adores her:

And now her mama and I are off to browse wedding invitations, while Murphy sleeps off the excitement of the visit. More actual words later, I hope.


Anonymous said...

all beautiful. The human looks so grown up!

Anonymous said...

Aren't some big dogs extraordinary?
Our daughter had a huge, mixed breed male (de-sexed), reputed to have dingo in the mix. Not a soft friendly mutt, except with Anne and the rest of us. He would have laid down his life for Anne in a second (and did save her from a nasty incident).
But he would play tug of war with our TINY Italian Greyhound. One really vigourous shake of Buddy's head would have sent litte Brutus into orbit, but Buddy was always careful. The sound effects were awesome, however, from both of 'em.
Both have long gone where all good dogs go. Memories,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I was SO impressed with the care Layla took with Murphy. At one point I threw the rope, and they both ran for it. Murphy stopped short at the rope, and this big gawky girl leaped over him like a ballerina. Next, we introduce the new BT. The next week should be...interesting!

KatyaR said...

Tomorrow's puppy day--yay!!!