Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 1.

It's May 1st, and I've given myself three weeks of Not Doing Jack Shit, and now I'm ready to get moving on...moving. I'm sorting through every worldly thing I possess - which is a tedious, boring process, but it has to be done, because if I'm really going to get out of this house in October, a whole lot of shit will not be coming with me. I planned this time to deal with this. It's a job I've dreaded, and had no time to tackle while working at the OTHER job I dreaded. ;-)

Tuesday is the Salvation Army truck, and bags of clothing I have no desire to wear again plus misc. household stuff will be going on its merry way. It's a start. Today's mission is sorting linens - I have more sets of sheets than I need or use, even if I have guests.

It's also time for me to get my ass back to the gym. I haven't gone in months, because we had such a long spell of unseasonably cool weather. I've taken advantage of it with walks and bike rides, etc. Well, today we'll hit 90, the humidity is back, and the nice weather is over. Time to move the workouts indoors, and get back to lifting weights 3x a week. I lost 4 pounds right away when I left the job, and now the scale is sticking. No mystery why - I've been indulging myself here and there along the way, and not as active as I could be.

An interesting thing happened in the last week. The first few days of this Sabbatical, I slept 10 hours a night. Then for the next couple of weeks it became a mix of a few long sleeps, and some days I was awake by 6:30. For the last week, I've been naturally waking up between 5:30 and 6:30. I guess I caught up on all the sleep I needed to catch, and I'm back to being an early riser. This is good, because the heat is back.

So I'm moving forward on cleaning out the house, and forcing myself to take my sweet time making decisions on my own future. I'm still thinking about Asheville for many reasons, but I can make an equally well-reasoned argument for the DC area, for different but equally sound reasons. It'll all work out. In the meantime I am overdue for a haircut and need to focus on my flabby abs. :-)

Well, that's all I've got - I'm not all that chatty lately because I'm sort of inside my head, figuring things out, and because sorting linens and casserole dishes isn't exactly blog fodder. Oh, and knitting washcloths. I think I've made around a dozen so far. :-)


Roberta Granada said...

Hi, I like your blog soo much,
I am from Brazil, I love craft...

k said...

This is the first time you've mentioned D.C. area. Do you mean Baltimore-D.C. type place?

Catherine said...

It can't be the first time I've mentioned it - I grew up there, and I've been musing about going back for...oh, how many years have I been HERE?