Sunday, May 09, 2010

My, How She's Grown!

Taken around 6 weeks ago:

And today:

My relentless nagging for pictures is having some effect. I've been promised actual video. She's smiling and gets a huge kick out of watching her Daddy play boxing on the Wii, and today, as her Mother's Day gift to her mommy, she laughed for the first time. My son held the phone to her and she vocalized to me - she was 2 months yesterday. Both my son and daughter started speaking actual words crazy early, well before a year old, and SuperGirl is not about to be left behind - she's on it.


ChelleC said...

What a cutie!

Joan said...

Good genes will out!

Jen said...

Oh she is just ADORABLE! She's a real little person now ;)