Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Original Boston.

The Boston Terrier is sort of our "family breed" - both sides of the family had them in the early half of the last century. My father tried to convince me to get one when we added a dog to our family, but I was concerned about their heat sensitivity and lack of swimming ability, in a household with young children and a swimming pool, and we went with a Golden Retriever instead - the beloved Bailey. Murphy came along decades later, through a happy and meant-to-be contact with a colleague who was a former Yorkie breeder, who kept her hand in with the Yorkie show world in Florida.

When Girlchild wanted a dog of her own, she thought long and hard, and fell in love with the Boston Terrier all over again, and Dudley came into our lives.

But for my family, the love affair with the breed started with this guy:

That's Muggsy, who obviously didn't like posing for a formal portrait with that big scary camera and big old flashbulbs. Muggsy passed on around 50 years ago, and I'm guessing this picture was taken...late 40s? Early 50s?

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