Monday, May 31, 2010

Smooch Had a Tummyache. OMG. Somebody call 911.

At 4 freaking AM, I was awakened by the sound of a little dog breathing in distress - rapid, shallow respiration, not like her relaxed, deep, hibernating bear snores. I thought she was dreaming, but it went on and on, and I became concerned. I got up with her at 4:30 - all she wanted to do was cuddle on the couch. Refused to eat (and if a Boston doesn't follow you to the kitchen, call 911). I was worried.

But she was willing to get up and expressed interest in going out, so we went for a group walk - both dogs at the same time. This worked out very well - they are evenly matched and good walkers, and other than the juggling of the poop bags and leashes, it was no harder than walking one dog. She seemed fine and pooped normally, and kept up on the walk as if nothing was wrong. (Sorry knitters, this is often a dog blog, and dog people discuss poop. I should signal when I'm going to say something about knitting.)

Anyway, she wouldn't eat breakfast and was breathing like she was in distress, so I was prepared to take her to the vet. I had nightmare visions of part of a chewie lodged in her intestinal tract in some freak accident, and requiring emergency surgery on a holiday. But that fear was not borne out by evidence - she'd pooped normally and didn't seem to have any abdominal tenderness. She just didn't feel well. That was obvious.

I adopted the wait and see plan, and before I pushed the panic button and rushed her in demanding x-rays, she started seeming a bit perkier. So I waited a little longer. By noon, the "crisis" was over, and I realized that I have a little drama queen. I'm guessing she had a bit of a tummyache, because yesterday she chewed a digestible chewie for hours with great enthusiasm, and though they are digestible, it's not like normal food. As my daughter said, that's the equivalent of a human who never eats fast food gorging on a Supersized Bellybuster. It gave her indigestion in the middle of the night, and she was so sad.

She's completely back to normal now, and I'm glad I kept my finger off the panic button - but boy, that's a tough call to make when you have a teeny little dog in distress. A new little teeny dog you haven't even lived with for a week yet. But she's perfectly fine now. It was just a bellyache.

I, however, am pretty much ragged out - I went to sleep late and was awakened at FOUR O'CLOCK in the MORNING by a dog gasping like she was in agony, followed by hours of wondering what to do, and OMG, of course my brain and the internet took me to the worst case scenario of Emergency Surgery!!!!

And it does make me think about how hard it is to be a parent now - I'm glad I raised my kids before the internet was ready to tell me that every minor thing was Potentially Life Threatening! OMG!!!


k said...

My most recent dog couldn't burp. I didn't realize this until after I gave her the raw cauliflower - and she sat there and shivered in absolute misery for what seemed like hours.
She was all those things I don't like in dogs, ate cat poop and the whole nine yards. I miss her terribly.

Catherine said...

Smooch burps, farts and poops with aplomb. I think she just had plain ol' indigestion, and it felt BAAAD and she was MISERABLE, and OMG.

Teresa said...

I have a Westie that has a tummyache right now that is worrying me to death. She isn't able to keep anything down. If she's not better in the AM, I'll be doing the Emergency Rush to the VET. Pray for her, please. I think it's just a normal Westie tummyache, but she is my heart and soul, so I know exactly what you think when Smooch or Murphy doesn't feel good!

(glad Smooch is fine, BTW!)

Catherine said...

Oh no, Teresa - please let me know how she does!

Teresa said...

She is much better today, thank you so much. I scared myself to death last night thinking she had Addison's disease (know what you mean about the internet!) but this morning she insisted on eating a full portion of food and seems not to be in tummy pain or shaking like she was last night. The real worrisome part was that she HATES to be picked up - but felt so bad she let me pick her up and put her in the chair with me. Thanks God she's better. Thank you for caring about my baby. Those of us who have a furchild truly understand each other!

Catherine said...

Oh, Teresa, I'm so glad! Another possibility (because Murphy put me through it) - could she have pulled a muscle? Murphy many years ago lunged at a squirrel while on his leash, and acted like he was dying the next day. Would not eat. Would not walk. At ALL. Sat hunched, looking miserable. I took him to the vet, and they couldn't find a damn thing wrong and chalked it up to Drama. He was better the next day. It may not be internal - she may have a muscle ache that she never had before, and don't let anybody tell you dogs just shrug those things off. Apparently terriers are often hypochondriacs, which is why it's so hard to tell when they really DO need medical attention.