Friday, May 28, 2010

A story in three pictures:

This is Smooch's crate:

This is Murphy's crate:

This is Murphy:

Yeah, I'll address this tomorrow. I thought Smooch would be okay with the big travel crate I already had, because it's the same kind of crate she was used to. I forgot the Third Dog. Boris LOVES crates, and apparently considers this one his, since he uses it on his occasional trips to the vet. Smooch saw him in hers, and did the sensible thing - moved to the crate next door, which is, after all, bigger and nicer. Murphy just sighed.

Edited: After I posted that, they rearranged themselves: Murphy took Smooch's crate, Smooch took his, and Boris went to the back of my knitting chair (which hasn't seen much action lately). They are working it out among themselves.

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Garilynn said...

Our big dog always used the little dog's bed and vice versa. The little dog did have a big personality.

I'm so glad to see the new dog has settled in so nicely. DD wants another dog, but her dog does not play well with others.