Monday, May 24, 2010

These Dreams....

I don't have exciting, imaginative, technicolor dreams full of symbolism, with dragons and talking fish and such. Not me. My dreams are sometimes interesting, sometimes upsetting, but I have never had to resort to a dream decoder book to figure them out. They are rarely long and involved, but occasionally, my subconscious throws a party. This one was so mundane and yet insane, I have to share.

It began in the shopping center nearest my house, here in FL, when, for no rational reason, I got out of the car and allowed Murphy to follow me without a leash. Murphy is NEVER allowed to wander off-leash, because when off-leash he will only obey when it suits him and is convinced that he can stop a moving vehicle with the Power of His Cuteness. So, anyway, in the dream I did this, and Murphy promptly saw something interesting at the other end of the mostly empty parking lot, and took off after it, and wouldn't come when called, and got lost. And I was upset, and didn't know what to do.

Change Scene (my dreams do feature random scene changes). I was in my parents' house, and they were alive, and it was the house I grew up in, in Bowie, MD. (I recognized the layout.) They had a bunch of dogs, including an oversized Yorkie. When I saw this dog I mistook it for Murphy at first, then realized it wasn't my dog and my dog was still lost. I sort of wandered through their house ineffectually worrying, until I thought, in a flash of genius: "I shall put up Lost Dog posters at the shopping center!" (Because I am extra smart in dreams, you see.)

So I left their house in my Little Red Subaru, and could not find the shopping center. Instead, I found myself in a townhouse that was either for sale or rent, still somewhere around Bowie. The realtor was showing me and some man around, and she wasn't very encouraging about the features of the place - the downstairs was small, she said, and the upstairs was dark. We were apparently downstairs, and there was an open door to what I guessed was a bedroom. There was a naked man in the bedroom. The realtor had dealt with this unfortunate home-showing crisis like a pro - by throwing a towel over his junk. He otherwise just sprawled on the bed, oblivious. He did not serve any purpose in the rest of the dream. Just your random naked extra, with a towel over his crotch.

Then a young woman with long dark hair came out of another room and picked up her purse and shoes to leave the house (going to work, it appeared) and I decided I had enough of the house tour and needed to go find my dog, so I followed her, asking directions to the shopping center. Her directions were vague and unhelpful. As we left, I discovered that the front steps of the townhouse weren't like normal steps at all - they were like a weird brick ladder of sorts, you could only get a toe or side of the foot onto the step. It was like a cross between a staircase and a rock climbing wall. I hate heights, and it was a long way to the ground, but I made it to the bottom. I remarked to the strange girl, "Every time I think it's a good idea to move, I run into something hard like this and think I must be crazy." She nods in sympathy, and says, "I work harder here than I ever did before." She climbs into a gleaming white Lexus and drives away.

My Subaru is in a parking garage that seems to be attached to an art center. I cannot find my way out of the garage - all the ramps lead to dead ends. So I'm stuck in this place, I can't find my way out, and my dog is missing and all I want to do is go find him. My anxiety level rises, and rises...then Murphy woke me up at 5:45, and I spent some time writing down these details.

My subconscious lacks subtlety, don'tcha think?

Barring the unforeseen, Wednesday should be Doggie Day! I spoke to her breeder this afternoon, and I will visit on Wednesday, and plan to come home with my new little Boston! Yay!


Teresa said...

Sweetie, you gotta lay off those lobsters on the lanai!

Can't wait to see your new baby girl!!

Teresa (Shadow5618) & Casey & Jasmine

k said...

So, if you move you get a sucky job but a naked guy?
I hate dreams. Sometimes.

Catherine said...

I believe it was the wine and lobster withdrawal that caused the dream! And I didn't get the naked guy either - he was quite lethargic, though naked. As I said, he was just an odd extra in the background. Most original part of the whole damn dream, really.

KatyaR said...

I think the heat has gotten to you! (lol) I have strange dreams like that, too, every once in a while I remember them, and they are totally bizarre. It's a good thing we don't think like that when we're awake!

Wednesday sounds exciting--we're keeping our fingers and paws crossed for you!