Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Week!

We are firm believers in Birthday Weeks in this family; why limit a birthday celebration to a single day, when you can stretch it to extended fun? Though, to be accurate, I'm wrapping up Birthday Month here. My all-expenses-paid week in MD was my birthday gift from Cousin C, and it was so much fun and so relaxing, I came home re-energized and ready to do all the work that must be done to make this relocation thing happen.

Then today, Girl and I spent a lovely afternoon hiding from the 100 degree heat index in the Morse Museum. Which, because it is my Birthday Week, offered Free Admission today! Well, actually they offered free admission to everybody, but it was cool that it fell on my Birthday Week. Not that the admission is more than a pittance anyway. It's not a big, major museum, just a small gem, and so pleasant.

I hadn't visited the Morse since the debut of the Tiffany Chapel, and Girl had never visited at all. It was fun - cool and quiet, grownup and leisurely, soothing and richly detailed and colorful, and felt like a big glass of iced sparkling water on our sweaty, tired, overheated and overstressed souls.

We followed it up with an overload of the kind of food we don't normally eat at a local Italian restaurant. Tomorrow's lunch is in the fridge, because it WAS a food overload, but oh, very good. We gambled and tried a restaurant we'd heard good things about but never visited before, and this time, we won big. Excellent.

We didn't squeeze in all of our plans, so we've postponed the manicure/pedicure session to next weekend. I did not want Stuff for my birthday. I'm downsizing and getting Rid of Stuff! A museum tour, lunch and some pampering is just right.

And in all of this mellowness, Mama's Brain finally woke the hell up and had an actual thought! I've been stressing over the timing of this fall - the wedding, my relocation, the newlyweds moving in here, etc. etc. The timing, as it stands now, SUCKS. Their lease is up October 31, and their wedding is November 7th. Oh, yeah, and I have to get out of this house so they can move in! Insane, right?

So we are sitting in the Italian restaurant, and my brain actually sparked and functioned like it used to work all the time. I used to be much smarter, and actually had this kind of shit at the tip of my tongue, but suddenly the words "month-to-month" popped into my mellowed, stained-glass-soothed brain! Um, hello? Extend your move-out date 30 days! That's something a phone call to the management company can work out. It's the default provision in most leases I've seen (I run screaming from leases as a rule) - at the end of the term, the lease converts to month-to-month. So, let's be sane here: Tell them you're getting married a week after the lease ends, and extend your lease one month, and kick out the move-out date to November 30th. I can schedule the movers for any day shortly AFTER November 7th, and you will have 2 weeks to move the short distance at your leisure, and we can all quit trying to schedule D-Day with Four Dogs and a Wedding, and I can fix actual dates for moving companies and suchlike. And I'm stunned and more than slightly appalled at myself, that I didn't think of this right away, because I do know this stuff. I think I should just go walk through the Morse every week from now until moving day, because it improved my brain function.

Tomorrow, on my actual birthday, I will be Waiting for the Cable Guy in the morning. Because the Cable Guy came the other day, swapped out my HD-DVR, and guess what? Left without confirming that it worked right! It has no R! It tells me the recording space is full when it's empty. It says the recorded show level is 0%, but it's still full. Yeah. Thanks, pal, it would have been nice if you'd tested that before leaving me with it to do the set-up myself, and then discover this problem on my own. Another call to customer service, and I landed a slow-witted and confused soul, and basically had to tell him what to do and schedule my own damn return service call. Girl and I have concluded that a third of their employees are fantastic, wonderful, awesome, but on 2 out of 3 contacts, you get the rest of the pack. Yesterday, I enjoyed the experience of the Rest of the Pack. Oh well. I can't complain, because in 15 years I've had less than a dozen contacts with them, and they were all for things resulting from lighting strikes and such, until now. But they have burned their last Free Suckage Pass, and if I don't have a working, RECORDING DVR when the tech leaves tomorrow, I will stop cutting them any slack.

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