Sunday, June 06, 2010


It's another unbearably humid and threatening thunderstorms kind of day, so I'm piddling around doing those small but worthwhile projects, like scanning more pictures on my incredibly slow and forgetful little scanner. Here we are, Boy, his dad and I, at the little beach near his grandparents' house. That's the Gulf of Mexico behind us. Sigh.

I know life moves on. My husband and parents are no longer here, and that little beach is probably not so secluded anymore. Boy is a grown man and Daddy to his own little adorable chubby baby. Those are changes that must be accepted, because human lives are short and fragile. But I never would have imagined that my son may never be able to let his baby paddle in the bathtub-warm water of the Gulf. You think a body of water is timeless and eternal and somehow invincible, and we are now confronted with the ugly truth of how vulnerable it really is, and how devastatingly destructive we humans can be.

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