Saturday, June 05, 2010


This morning, as I was sleepily drinking my tea and idly channel surfing, with Smooch in what is now her usual position at my side, I happened to notice that Animal Planet was showing the "Puppy Bowl." The Puppy Bowl is only amusing to the truly dog-obsessed; it's basically a bunch of cute puppies in a large pen/faux football field, playing. No commentary, just puppies and music. I thought it was cute but tedious when I saw it before, but I was bored enough to click on it again. I now know the real audience: OTHER DOGS.

Smooch was off the couch like a shot, barking at those dogs that had appeared in her living room, and I of course had to grab the camera:

Murphy, meanwhile, thought Smooch heard something outside, so he headed to the front door to provide backup barking. I love how the video ends when she trots off to the front door to see what he's barking at. I actually took about 4 different views of this, because she did not get distracted and wander off in a few minutes - as long as that show was on, she watched it intently, occasionally barking at the activity on the screen.

I've had animals that watched TV, but not with the intensity of this one - and she definitely responds to DOGS on the screen. She sits up and barks at commercials with dogs in them! I have never had such a devout TV watcher before - I've had dogs (and cats) that liked to watch, but she really pays attention to other dogs on screen - at the sound of a bark, she's intensely drawn in to whatever it is. It's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! My yellow lab loves to watch other dogs on TV. When she was a puppy there was a show on for 2 years called Yellow Dog about a guy raising a yellow lab pup to be a hunting dog. I liked the show a lot, but she LOVED it. She would watch for the whole 30 minutes. She'd tense up when yellow dog jumped into the water. I kept pointing out that yellow dog was much better behaved than her. A Christmas special had yellow dog dreaming of Santa and a perfect day of hunting - Santa was the guy who owned the kennel my girl came from. I think she recognized him. So go Smooch, and tell mom to leave the remote where you can reach it.


zippiknits said...

Love this! So cute!

Wolfie responds to dogs on the screen, even wild ones, and Jaz used to bark at the big ungulates in the show,"Nature".

Glad your kittah is bettah.. Close!