Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smooch Goes to the Vet.

Okay, so I've had her nearly a month and didn't get her in to my own vet for a review yet. My bad - I had a cat in chronic renal failure that cost me nearly a grand, and then went to MD for a week. I belatedly brought her in today, because she needed heartworm meds, and I know we have a flea battle again. It was a hoot.

My vet's office is great - the vets are wonderful, they know their stuff with a tricky diagnosis (Murphy/lymphangiectasia), and everybody on the staff is genuinely nuts about animals. Smooch was treated like a visiting rock star, because they are not only animal crazy, but many are also Boston Terrier obsessed. The receptionist, when coming over to fuss over her, warned me that once she went into the back room I'd be lucky to see her again, because they LOVE Bostons back there. My favorite Dr., Vet Boy, he of the Murphy primary care, had to come out to greet her in the waiting area, pronounce her adorable, and kiss her on the nose.

We went into the exam room, where the tech (a guy I hadn't seen before) also made much over her, and carried her into the back. Where she lingered a very long time. They had to weigh her, and draw blood, and then apparently take her on a tour of every staff member.

She's a Quirky Boston Terrier. I think I mentioned earlier that she has No Tail? That is not true. The vet showed me her tail - she has an inverted tail, something far more common in English Bulldogs. Picture the top end of the dog, and the point where the back end of the dog drops off toward the rectum. There's a tiny, neatly concealed flap of skin there, and when you pull it back - hey, there's a small corkscrew tail, complete with hair! (The corkscrew tail is a perfectly normal Boston Terrier tail.) The random hair sticking out of that area is actually the tip of her inverted tail. This can be an issue if it gets dirty and then infected, but hers is actually a bit north of the danger zone, so it's just something to consider when bathing her. It was something that kept her out of the show ring, but otherwise, not a big deal.

Her knees are fine. She's the only dog in the family without at least a mild degree of luxating patella. Her abnormally flexible hind legs and tendency to sit like a grasshopper, with legs extended behind her in a way that made the vet tech flinch and tell her it looks like it hurts, is not a problem. I'm guessing she'll mature out of that, as her joints get older and less flexible.

The vet detected a hint of a heart murmur, but said that 70% of dogs with that kind of murmur don't ever have a problem with it, and I am not going to breed her so it's not a big deal. She was otherwise declared Unbelievably Adorable, and fussed over like a princess. She left with a swelled head, and has pranced around the house with newfound confidence, like she won a minor beauty pageant.

But she did pick up whipworms, which is surprising, since she was on Interceptor. I guess it failed to Intercept them. We have meds for that, and we'll knock them out.

She's sacked out and snoring right now.

Wedding plans proceed for Girlchild. I went to Target today, and impulse-purchased a cute little skirted baby bathing suit and a coordinating sun hat for Grandgirl, who is going to Hilton Head with her parents next month. I plan to visit Asheville in August, and of course they will be here in November for Girlchild's Wedding. The rest of the details are still...flexible. Very.


KatyaR said...

Of course Smooch is a rock star--what Boston isn't? lol

Glad to hear Smooch is good and that Boris is hanging in there, poor baby. And don't feel bad about not getting Smooch to the vet sooner--I need to get Basie scheduled for his little man surgery (he'll be 9 mos next week), and I keep putting it off. I just keeping thinking "maybe next week"....

Catherine said...

Oh, Smooch has not had her Big Girl operation yet! She was in heat in April, and flunked breeding (in hindsight, thank God, because heart murmur, etc...) so she became mine. Big Girl op will happen before October, when she'd be in season again. Meanwhile, Boris is indeed hanging in, but not in a really awesome, "Oh, he'll be fine," way. More like a "WTF?" way. We are on day by day, and the vet's office will be able to buy expensive lab equipment on what I'm paying them this year.

Anonymous said...

Canine resting 'poses': when we first acquired Ace, as a re-homed young adult Italian Greyhound, I nearly had convulsions when I saw him settle down for a rest, by bending his front legs under at the 'wrist'. We have had nine years to get used to it, but it still looks awful, especially when he doesn't go all the way down, but slides into a half-sit/half-down, resting on the back of his 'hands'.

Gentle greetings to Boris, and take care of yourself,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Re-homed - I should use that term with Smooch. Yeah, Smooch sits funny sometimes - she can sit perfectly normally, but when she's tense, she does what I call her "grasshopper pose," in which all four paws are supporting her weight, and her hind legs angle backward at a very un-doglike angle, like grasshopper legs. I think it's because she feels she has all "four on the floor" and can spring up from that position in an emergency.